6:45 am is too early for this

Shiva the Dog does not like rain. At all. In fact, rain is right up there with being home alone and being approached by a stranger on the list of things Shiva does not like. Since this list is very short, we try not to push her too far or give her a hard time about these things. Even though sometimes they are unavoidable. That’s why this morning – near the end of our walk in a blustery downpour – when she pulled the leash out of my hand in order to chase some very indignant ducks I didn’t get too upset. Well, that and it was kind of funny.

Shiva the Dog loves chasing ducks. Not just ducks but anything that flies. This is probably very high on her list of things she loves. Just after a stuffed Kong toy and before destroying the house. It’s probably even more fun than chasing the cat because birds tend not to fight back. Unfortunately, Shiva doesn’t get many opportunities to chase birds. We live in the city and there aren’t too many areas where it’s safe to let her run after them off-leash. That’s another reason I didn’t get too upset this morning. She looked like she was having a blast. I only wish I’d brought the camera.

We were just leaving the forest as the rain picked up again, beating down on our heads. Shiva and I exchanged glances of dismay and I decided it was time to head home. Once the dog realised the direction we were taking, she started to pull ahead. My rain gear, while warm and dry, is technically my husband’s and  it’d be too big for a line-backer. Throughout the entire walk the hood part of the jacket stubbornly fell over my eyes and prevented me from seeing more than a metre in front of me. This only caused a problem once when we stumbled upon a couple other dogs who weren’t so happy to see us but it was really irritating. Really irritating. As I was struggling with the stupid hood in order to see my way across the mushy grass of the park, Shiva was tugging in the opposite direction. My jacket was wet, my hands, were wet, the leash was wet, I was tired, and Shiva had apparently changed her mind about the rain.

I think I heard the squawking before I even realised she had pulled away. After I shoved the wet rubber out of my face I could see about ten ducks flapping through the fog over the lake, and then my dog running wildly around in circles, the leash blowing in the wind behind her. The grin on her face was unmistakable, even looking through my rain-soaked hair I could see it. My crazy dog.

She continued to run around like an idiot until I got myself together enough to call her back. It took her a moment to remember I existed but she came back willingly enough, dripping and grinning. Shiva had completed her morning’s work. Now it was time for breakfast.