Dear Metro Shelter,

It’s been just over a year since we brought Shiva home on April 15, 2009. I meant to send you an update much sooner but it’s been a crazy and busy year! Shiva, you knew her as Tessa I believe, has changed our lives in so many interesting and unexpected ways.

Before we even brought her through our front door, I knew I was going to be challenged. She has more energy than any dog I’ve ever met before. I thought I was prepared; I’d done all the reading in advance. Now I’ve learned one is never truly ready for everything a dog will bring. For the first while I wasn’t sure I was up to it. Life with a Shiva is a lot of work and it was a big change. I didn’t want to let her down. But after attending obedience classes, enlisting the help of a trainer, and putting in a lot of time, I think Shiva and I have become an awesome team. Whatever struggles we’ve endured have only brought us closer together.

After only a year we both have come a long way. Shiva picks up on things so fast and knows countless tricks. In fact, it’s sometimes a challenge to come up with new ones. Since November we’ve become involved in dog agility, which is fantastic for her energy and mind. Next year I’m hoping we’ll be ready for her first competitive trial. Well, I hope I will be ready. Shiva was ready a few months ago. She has become a lot of fun on walks and has a blast running around with other dogs at the park. It’s too bad she’s yet to meet another dog that can keep up! Shiva has even started to make friends with our cat. There is still come chasing going on but the cat is not always an innocent victim.

Anyway, I just wanted to thank you. Thank you for taking in this nutty, special dog. They say sometimes you don’t get the dog you want, but the dog you need. That is definitely true in this case. While Shiva was nothing like I anticipated, she has added to my life in so many ways. At this point, I can’t imagine living without her.

Best Regards,

Shiva’s tired owner.