Maybe she’s a Jack Russell Terrier

Australian Cattle Dog

German Short-haired Pointer

American Staffordshire Terrier



Australian Shepherd

Border Collie



These are all of the breeds others have come up with as suggestions for Shiva’s heritage. Some people have even been very insistent, such as a fellow participant in an agility class who repeated over and over again how Shiva must be a Border Collie due to her prowess. Others I think are putting me on. Whippet? Really?

I get asked the question a lot. By nearly everybody I talk to when Shiva and I are out in public. I’m sure my husband has heard some interesting/hilarious ideas himself. Not that I mind one bit. She’s an attention-grabber, with the merle coat and curled, white-tipped tail. Who wouldn’t be curious?

The SPCA had Shiva listed as an Australian Cattle Dog. She’s approximately the right height and weight with similar colouring but I just don’t see it. Her frame is different, her ears are different, her tail is different –  it doesn’t really fit. For a while when people asked this was the answer I gave. Now I just say she’s a mix. It’s easier and I’m always hoping someone will offer their own ideas.

There is one that I left off the above list because it’s one we agree with. Randomly, one day, I was looking at dog pictures on the Internet. I came across one that made my eyes widen. Immediately, I forwarded the photo to my husband to see if he agreed. After doing some research, and hearing back from Shiva’s other owner, I was pretty sure our dog has to be at least part Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog.

Don’t you agree? A woman on the street did. She claimed to even know someone else in the city who has one. We’re sticking with it, regardless of what anybody else says.

A friend of mine sent me a link to a website that performs DNA tests. DNA My Dog, it’s called. Right away I was super excited at the prospect. The cost wasn’t even as high as I expected. I was all set to order Shiva a test kit when I thought I’d browse through the database of breeds they can test for. My excitement deflated. There are only 63 different breeds on the list. The one breed we have decided on for Shiva, which admittedly is rare, is not on it. Would a test even be worth it? Hmm. We shall see. I might do it just for kicks. Or for something to post about.

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