Our trainers would be gob-smacked

I have to share this because it made me laugh out loud. So loud that the woman waiting for the bus across the street craned her neck to see what true mania looks like.

This morning, being a Monday, I was half asleep as I got Shivers ready for our walk. Coat sort-of on, sandals kind-of done up, I clipped on her leash and led the way outside. Shiva sat calmly while I locked the door behind us and waited for my usual “let’s go” signal. Ho hum, every day stuff. What isn’t every day stuff is the fact that in my early morning trance I didn’t actually clip the leash on properly. As in, it wasn’t connected to her collar, just sort of dangling from my hand.

Two blocks later, two whole blocks, I finally noticed. What made me laugh too loudly for six am was that my dog – the crazy whack-job of an animal who loves running off almost as much as she loves tuna fudge – was still trotting happily by my side as if nothing was amiss. As if she was the most faithful, obedient dog in the world. It has gotta be a first. Apparently Monday mornings aren’t her most perceptive moments either.