Yes, it actually happened. My aquaphobic dog actually climbed into a boat and went for a ride. The proof:

In the photo she looks like she’s going to jump out and madly paddle to shore at any moment but miraculously we kept her inside the whole time. Such a brave little doggy she is.


There were quite a few great spots along the lake to pull off and give the shoulder muscles a break. Since there’s no fear of Shiva taking off into the water from land, she got to do a lot of exploring along the beach. I was amazed how easily she then jumped back into the canoe to continue our journey.

It was such an awesome sunny day at such a beautiful part of the province. If only all campsites could come with boat rentals. Webbers Lakeside Resort is one of the best places we’ve stayed at so far. Great wooded sites, great people, and yummy ice cream. If it’s the last camping trip we get in this year, I don’t think we can complain too much.

We’re pretty lucky to have all this less than an hour away.

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