On a late summer’s eve

Girl with adorable heart-shaped sunglasses: May I pet your dog, please?

Me: Uh, she’s in training. But you can give her some treats.

Girl: Okay. (looks at Shiva) Sit!

Shiva sits.

Me: !!

Girl: (gives Shiva a treat) Stay! (holds out her hand and walks away)

Shiva stays

Girl: (gives Shiva a treat) Can you do this? (holds her small hand above Shiva’s head)

Shiva stands on her hind legs.

Me: Tell her to roll over.

Girl: Roll over!

Shiva rolls over and then takes the rest of her treats very gently.

Girl: (pats Shiva on the head) Bye! Thank you!

Shiva stays.

I have a heart attack and die in the middle of the playground.

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