Happy Friday!

Yet one more link. I found this video on Something Wagging This Way Comes and I thought it would be the perfect thing to share on yet one more overcast Friday afternoon. One day, one day the sun will shine here again.

The video features two of my most favouritest animals in the whole world, dogs and bears. Playing! Together! I seriously question anyone who says they didn’t let out a few “awws” while watching.

Our fifth (sixth, seventh?) agility session begins tomorrow morning. We’ve had a long break this time in between classes. The last one we attended was all the way back in August. Which means my handling is beyond awkward and Shiva’s weave poles are non-existant. Oh well. Dogs don’t get embarrassed, do they?

If the sun ever comes out again we were also planning on finally going camping for the last time this year. A trip that has been delayed by several weeks now due to aforementioned weather. We are determined to go this time, even if it rains. We’re hardy Canadians, we can take it. Shiva can stay in the truck if she decides to be a wuss about getting wet.

There is also the Metro SPCA’s Bark in the Park on Saturday that we wanted to get to, even if for just a short while. Thus, this shall be yet one more busy weekend. Just the way we like them around here.

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