Weekend Report Card

Agility Class

  • Met a new dog at the start of class, an adorable Shiba Inu mix, with controlled enthusiasm. 1 point
  • Took off to steal food during restrained recall. -1 point
  • Drove perfectly over tire and 2 standard jumps during send out practice. 2 points
  • Had focus and performed well in the “contact zone”, until leash was dropped. But had great improvement in rear-end awareness exercise. 2 points
  • Did not even let me run away one step during “Table Olympics” competition. -2 points (For me. Must proof stays while running away!)

Bark in the Park

  • Behaved beautifully off-leash and checked in with us frequently. 2 points
  • Tried to steal food and jumped on the owner of a gorgeous Australian Cattle Dog. – 2 points
  • Missed out on participlating in the “Cutest Trick” competition. 0 points (It’s nobody’s fault, it just sucks we had to leave early. Booo.)

Camping at Birchwood

  • Ran away from me and barked in the owner’s face as he delivered our firewood. -2 points (Not so good for the rep, there, Sheevs.)
  • Showed great manners during all walks and provided comic relief in the form of falling into a swamp. 2 points
  • Kept us awake all night due to insisting on sleeping on the air mattress and getting up every five minutes. -2 points. (Grrrrrr.)

I guess that leaves us all about even, no better, no worse than when we began. At least I know what I need to work on this week. I don’t take losing class competitions lightly.