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Since Shiva and I are still exhausted from flyball class last night (So. Much. Fun.) instead of a real post, today I’m letting the pet blogosphere speak for me. They say it so much better than I ever could anyway. Here is some of what I’ve been reading:

Reckless Dog Owners Bite by Ledy VanKavage

Postive Punishment and Negative Reinforcement by Silvia Jay, which also links to a great article by Jean Donaldson on divisions within the dog training world.

Dog-Dog Reactivity – Treatment Summary by Patricia McConnell. Dr. McConnell also posted a follow-up article on her website that helps clarify the subject a bit more. (The second article also a includes an adorable video of her dog Willie.)

Eight Reasons to Adopt a Senior Dog by Edie Jarolim

What Dog Owners Should Learn From Parrot’s Death by Stephanie Feldstein

The Greatest Music Video Ever via Talented Animals Blog

 Jack Russell Terriers Can Do It All via Life With Dogs. Okay, this isn’t so much an article as a whole website based on the impressive tricks of Jesse, the JRT. With all this serious stuff, I had to put in something fun, didn’t I?

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