In all likelihood, I’ll just put a ribbon on her collar and call it good.

Normally I’m not a fan of dressing up the animals. A bandana here and there, maybe a pair of sunglasses, but for the most part our pets are comfortably naked. Sartorial matters have very little in common with agility after all. However, this Halloween it might be fun to torture the long-suffering monsters, if only for the photo opportunities – the fact it would irritate Rob is only a side bonus.

After about thirty seconds of google searching I found Michi Pet. It basically is my husband’s worst nightmare, an online boutique of designer dog clothes. Unfortunately most of them are designed for smaller dogs but there are a few I think Shiva could pull off.

This one, for instance, would only have to fit over her head and shoulders. Isn’t it just fantastic? The Pomeranian looks pretty happy in there. Or is that a slightly crazed look in his eye? Hmm…

Maybe we should stick to something simple like these socks. Adorable, very Halloweeny, and safe. Although, Shiva would probably have them off and chewed up within about 5 milliseconds.

That’s when I founds this tank top. Could it be any more appropriate?

Decisions, decisions. The cat is much easier to dress up. Immediately I knew the perfect costume for him.

Really, it goes without saying.