Looking back

I wrote this elsewhere just a short while after we brought Shiva home. It’s kind of interesting how much – and how little – some things have changed.

The last three and a half months have taught me a lot about myself. Most of what I have learned has surprised me. Adopting a dog, I can safely say, has changed my life. Fortunately the majority of these changes have been positive. In most cases my little rescue dog has given me more than I could ever give back. But there are a few things I miss about life sans puppy.

Let no one tell you any different, training a dog is bloody hard work.

 The Good Things I’ve Learned

1. I take a forty-five minute walk every morning before seven. It has become one of my favourite times of day.

2. I always thought if we had kids my husband would be the softy and I would have to be the hard-ass. It turns out the polar opposite is true. I am such a sucker.

3. Patience is something I’ve never included in my skill-set. It is now.

4. It’s okay to relax. Rules aren’t always rules.

5. Apparently I have a maternal side after all.

6. There are some things I do better than my husband. Who would have guessed?

7. I will never judge anyone for having a rowdy, barking pet – or screaming child – ever agin.

8. I really really like cats.

9. Sometimes running is more fun than walking.

10. I now know where all of the garbage cans and all of the best sticks are to be found within a thirty-block radius.

11. I have no idea what we used to do with our spare time.

 The Things I Miss the Most

1. Stopping at the mall or grocery store after work.

2. Sleeping in until six-thirty.

3. Going out at night without disturbing the neighbours.

4. Taking a walk without worrying there is going to be another person walking their dog on the other side of the hill.

5. Going on spontaneous road trips.

6. Not having to sweep the floors every other day because they are covered in dog hair.

7. Spending time with the cat.

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