I Am Your Puppy

I just read this on Two Little Cavaliers and I think it’s worth sharing.

I am a puppy and I am not perfect, and I know you are not perfect either. I LOVE YOU ANYWAY. So, please, learn all you can about training, and puppy behaviors and caring for me from your vetrinarian, books on dog care and even researching on the computer. Learn about my particular breed and it’s “characteristics” , it will give you understanding and insight into WHY I do all the things I do. Please teach me with love, patience, the right way to behave and socialize me with training in a puppy class or obediance class, we will BOTH have a lot of fun together.

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A lot of people, even some I know, think a new puppy makes a great gift.  It’s hard to deny that everyone could use an adorable ball of fur around the house. However, a puppy doesn’t stay small forever. They grow into full-sized dogs with full-sized teeth and full-sized needs. They can also cause full-sized trouble if one is not prepared to do the work. Dogs are living, breathing beings who rely solely on their caregivers every day of their lives. They are not responsible for their actions – people are. If one is thinking of buying a puppy for someone else, I hope one remembers to make sure that person actually wants a dog in her life, and is aware of all that it entails.

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