Growing up I had a hero. Yes, this hero was a dog. I’m not even going to pretend otherwise. Duh, right? No, it wasn’t Lassie or the Littlest Hobo, though I adored both dogs. My favourite canine in the whole world, other than the family husky, was a little Jack Russel Terrier by the name of Wishbone. (Actually, according to his IMDb page, his real name was Soccer, isn’t that a great name for a JRT?).

Cutest dog ever. Seriously, even Shiva doesn't compete. Sorry, Sheevs, you just can't pull off the bow and arrow look.

Wishbone, for those philistines that don’t know, was a PBS show about a boy and his dog doing normal boy and dog things. What was special, though, was that in between this normal boy and dog action, the dog daydreamed about being a character in classic novels and legends. It was an awesome way to introduce books like Pride and Prejudice and Cyrano de Bergerac to  children. While I wasn’t actually that young when the show was on – I was probably too old for the show, really – I was a major literature geek. The combination of that and canine cuteness made it the best show ever. Seriously, I would watch it now if it came on.

Soccer was a wickedly talented dog, as most celebrity dogs are. The parts I loved the most, other than seeing him ride a donkey as Sancho Panza in the Don Quixote episode (squee!), were when he performed random tricks. My favourite trick of all was when he celebrated by jumping up and spinning around at the same time. It was just the most adorable thing in my mind. The family dog couldn’t do that. I’d never seen any dog do that before. Soccer’s trainer must be very talented as well, I’d thought.


Life list item #99 complete!

*Photo credit goes to GPG Television.

14 thoughts on “Wishbone!

  1. You are officially my new hero… go Shiva!

    I LOVED Wishbone as a kid… I’m glad I’m not the only one! I still have my stuffed animal Wishbone that my mom gave me. What’s the story, Wishbone? 🙂


    • “What’s this you’re dreaming of? Such big imagination nn such a little pup!”

      You have a stuffed Wishbone? I am officially jealous. I didn’t even know they made those!


      • Yeah, my mom got it for me ages ago… I still keep him on the table next to my bed. He has a poet’s outfit in a box somewhere, but currently he’s just rocking a collar. =P


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  3. MayzieMom here. Can’t see the video because I’m at work. (Stupid internet nazis.) But I just wanted to tell you that I know exactly the trick you’re talking about. I was a HUGE Wishbone fan…and I was already MARRIED when the show was on. I lived in Dallas at the time and the company I worked for did their printing with a printing company in Allen, TX. The owner of the printing company also owned the studio that produced Barney the Purple Dinosaur (blech!) and Wishbone. Every time I went in there for a press check, I got to pick out something from a little drawer they had filled with Wishbone stuff. I still have two little Wishbone stuffed animals and a Wishbone baseball cap.

    I was so sad when that show ended.

    Hmmmm…I kind of sound like a Wishbone stalker, don’t I?


    • Stalker? Nah. Unless I am one too because my skin is now green over the fact that you own TWO stuffed animals AND a baseball cap. I must go on ebay and find these things. NOW.

      I am still sad that show ended. They should really consider putting re-runs back on. Do you think I could find it on DVD?

      Okay, so I am kind of a stalker. Oh well.


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  5. OMG! I LOVED Wishbone! I loved how he became a part of the stories and I loved his flip too. How I missed this post I don’t know, but I so agree. Loved that show and Wishbone. 🙂


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