Zoomies? Pshaw!

Oh, tuna fudge, how I love you so, you make Shiva stay with me, when I say “go!”

The workshop yesterday wasn’t a complete disaster. I was feeling a little anxious about it beforehand simply because every other time it was all we could do to keep Shiva from taking off. She has this thing for other people’s cars, you see, and the food she often finds inside. It’s exhausting, not to mention embarrassing. I know every dog has his own set of problems, and no one is judging us – it is agility, after all, a sport meant for the hyperactive. Yet I still feel a need to be perfect. A hang up I obviously should just get over already.

 We loaded up on Shiva’s favourite stinky treats, like canned turkey, dried liver, cheese, and the classic hit, tuna fudge. A few months ago I found a recipe for this odourific treat in a comment by Aliza Smith on Susan Garrett’s website, found here. She goes bonkers for it, as well as another concoction at the same link made with sardines. The fish, it is smelly.

For the most part, the extra special food seemed to do the trick. Okay, I’m not being exactly fair. Shiva performed pretty well yesterday. She was calmer than she’s ever been at that location. She paid attention when I asked her to, she showed off her fast brain, and she impressed the instructor with her coordination. If I had any sense, I’d be extremely proud. Besides, she’s nothing if not endlessly entertaining. My dog rocks.

Thus I’m not even going to talk about how she got a nasty case of the zoomies during the front cross drills. Nope, not even going to bring up how Rob had to pick her up mid-air to prevent her from leaping into the back of someone’s jeep. I’m not going to talk about her zig-zags across the lawn, or the way she completely ignored my recall. After all, that’s not what matters, right? What matters is, there was improvement. What matters even more is that Shiva had a blast doing it all.

And so did we.

For anyone that’s interested, here is the tuna fudge recipe I used. It’s very easy to make and takes less than five minutes to put together. You could probably use any type of canned meat and any type of cheese. I love baking for my dog, she’s not nearly as fussy if something doesn’t come out perfect.

2 cans of tuna (do not drain) or 15 oz can of salmon undrained
2 eggs
1 1/2 cups flour
1/4 cup parmesan cheese
1 TBSP garlic

Mix it all together and put in a greased pan. Whatever size you have is fine. The original recipe says 9X9 but I use an 11X7. Bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes.

When it’s cool I roughly cut it into small sizes for training. The recipe makes a lot, which is great as it also freezes really well.

Bon appétit!

2 thoughts on “Zoomies? Pshaw!

  1. Thanks for visiting us at the Blog Hop, and I think I’m going to try that recipe!! Sounds good and stinky. Cosmo should love it!!

    Good luck with agility!! We’ve certainly had our ups and downs… and flyoffs! And Cosmo used to get the zoomies a lot!! As long as you’re both having fun that’s all that matters… that’s what I keep telling myself!


  2. Hi, thanks for visiting and following. What a lovely blog and dog you’ve got! Shiva looks so interesting and full of character. I’m going to try the tuna treats on my kids. I know Beryl will munch them up, not so sure about Frankie. I’m looking forward to reading more and getting to know you:-) Cheers, Sue


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