Truths for a Saturday Afternoon

I still bite my nails when I’m stressed or nervous. I would choose cheese over chocolate every single time. I love to sing Disney songs in the shower. Turning thirty does not scare me. I am a little afraid of marriage. I miss my sister so much it makes me cry. Sometimes I go for days without underwear because I’m too lazy to do laundry. Sometimes I prefer to be alone. I am decidedly obsessed with dogs. I worry about what everyone thinks of me. Including the man who cleans our office – a man I’ve never even seen. My fiancé is so stellar he cleans the bathrooms. He also cooks me dinner every night. I like tea more than I like wine. I hate losing but I pretend I’m not competitive. Especially in dog sports. My favourite time of day is four o’ clock in the afternoon. Secretly, I hope my dog likes me best.

3 thoughts on “Truths for a Saturday Afternoon

  1. Hi Kristine-
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Whippets are indeed amazing, but then again most dogs are amazing!
    Your writing is very interesting, I like the little bit you share with your readers in every snippet.
    Thanks again,


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