Things making me smile

We have flyball class tonight.

The sun is shining and the leaves are red and the air is fresh and the forest is quiet.

My co-worker was sweet enough to share her peanut M&Ms with me.

Shiva is a wackadoo dog and has picked up several new tricks I’m dying to brag about. Oh, if I only had her brain.

The Cat is adorable. Every day this week I’ve seen him watching me out the front window as I come home from work. It’s a lovely way to be greeted.

I fixed the printer. All by myself. Mwahaha.

Just now, I think I know what kind of wedding I want. Maybe, just maybe, I’m about to make a real decision.

5 thoughts on “Things making me smile

  1. Your list made ME smile! Good luck with the wedding planning. If I ever have to go through that again (hopefully I never will, I’m happy with hubby now) I’m going to elope to Vegas or go to a beach somewhere alone!


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