Extreme Love

This photo of a Neapolitan Mastiff was taken by Tim Flach for More Intelligent Life. There is a whole gallery of his dog portraits via the link.

Beautiful, yes?

When I was a little girl there was a poster on the wall of our unfinished basement. This poster has the title “Dog Breeds of the World” and featured small illustrations of around seventy-five different breeds with their names written underneath. I remember staring at the poster for hours, memorizing the size, shape, and markings of each one. My sister and I would pick our favourites and make up stories about them.

For a long time I loved the Bedlington Terrier best because it looked just like a soft lamb. “That one,” I would announce, “when I grow up, that will be my dog.” My sister always favoured, and still does I think, the Dandy Dinmont. She will probably correct me in the comments if this is wrong.

Later on, when my canine knowledge went beyond 1980’s graphics, I changed my mind. No more was the fuzzy little terrier for me. Nope, I wanted gigantic – the bigger the better – and drooly. A Saint Bernard, perhaps, or a Newfoundland. It wasn’t until I discovered the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show on television that I first paid attention to the beauty of the mastiff. A large part of my heart was stolen that day and I’ve yet to get all of it back.

Honestly, I do love all dogs, even the little sassy ones. I’m not particular about breed any more. Just ask my husband. It’s rare for a pooch to pass on the street without me saying something about it or making a silly, love-struck face. After all, my dog Shiva isn’t exactly from blue-blood stock. Sometimes lately I think it’s the mutts I adore the most.

But if one day – when we are living in the country with fields of space – a large, drooly, and wrinkled behemoth of a dog was to wander into my yard? It would be pretty hard for me to let it go. Wouldn’t it be brilliant to see one in the agility ring?

14 thoughts on “Extreme Love

  1. My boyfriend wants a mastiff SO BAD. But I refuse.

    I just can’t picture a world with that much droll, that much space taken up in the car, in the house, in our lives.

    And mostly the drool.

    Oh my the drool!

    Plus, I’m a mutt lover first and foremost.


  2. I love this breed too! What a great looking guy! I have never one in person though and would love too!
    Thanks for following my blog!!


  3. We met the biggest mastiff ever at the dog park once. Miss M was like a chihuahua in comparison; she could even walk under his legs. And when his owner went to get him, the entire side of his shirt was wet with drool. He was a really nice and funny dog.


  4. Hi, first up I want to recommend those Tuna Treats you posted earlier. I’ve made them twice now and my kids LOVE them, thanks for the recipe:-)

    That is a wonderful photo of the Neo but I wouldn’t have one. I prefer less problematical dogs! I know 2, they’re acquaintances rather than friends. A dog aggressive Neo is pretty scary and one of them has been dog aggressive since 6 months old and neutering did nothing to change that. The other one is about 7 years old, entire and very mellow. But it’s the drool that puts me off the most, lol. I’ve always wanted a big dog and Beryl, my Greyhound, fits the bill perfectly. She’s big enough and yet she can curl up into a tiny ball of Princess when she wants:-) No drool, no wrinkles to keep clean but I don’t think she’d scare off any would-be burglars!


  5. Well, I am glad to see another human who knows what a proper doggie is. As for agilities, well, I, Mango LOVE agilities but am not designed for jumping high so I have to stick with my modified mastiff agilities course. Here is a little video of me http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_LtAvTpqgYo

    I also really enjoy dog dancing. Yuh. And here is one where I go head to head with stupid PeeWee in a little back yard competition http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jR2EKS0Z9EA

    As you can see I am most athletic. I wear a bib to obedience skool because not all doggies appreciate my slobbers (which are on the ceiling, walls, and humans in my house).

    Stop by again. Always something happening in Mango land.



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