A New Trick!

I lied. It’s not really that new. Shiva learned this a few months ago I just didn’t get around to filming it until now. So it’s new to the rest of the world!

Personally, I think it’s one of her more visually impressive acts, even if it took a shorter time to teach than others. Like backing up, which took a lot of creative maneuvering. This trick is just fun. It’s perfect for getting her pumped up. Not that she needs a lot of help with that. All we have to do is look  at her and she is revved to go.

Anyway, here she is, for your entertainment, Shiva the High-Drive Screwball!

For what it’s worth, I didn’t actually teach her this trick all by myself. My husband may have helped a smidge. As in, he spent the time rewarding her for each step and I jumped in every now and then to proof it. So it’s practically all my hard labour you’re seeing here. That’s why he’s showing it off and I am not. Who’s counting, right?

5 thoughts on “A New Trick!

  1. Love the moves! And we love your dog philosophy. I just read “In My Opinion” and completely agree. I thought I was suppose have these perfectly trained, master and slave relationship, because that was all I could see for helping with behavior problems. But it always continued to rip my heart apart and I kept finding I couldn’t fully commit. My dogs are my best friends and there is nothing better than being with them and engaging in a relationship full of love and understanding. We believe we are equal with dogs. They give more than we as humans could. Their love is unconditional for a reason.

    It is nice to have found another who share in this belief. Love your blog.


  2. I taught my crazy Border Collie Steve to do that, but then he got so excited about his new fun trick that he started biting the insides of my thighs… so we don’t do that trick anymore LOL


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