National Pit Bull Awareness Day

Though I’ve never been lucky enough to share my life with one of these magnificent dogs, I couldn’t let the day pass without saying a little something for National Pit Bull Awareness.

Even in cities and provinces that don’t legislate against “bully” breeds, many shelters have great difficulty adopting them out. In fact, some refuse to take them in and others just immediately euthanise. This should never be necessary. According to Wikipedia, in 2008 shelters in the U.S. euthanised 1.7 million dogs. 58% of these were believed to be of the pit bull variety. If the general public was more educated about the Pit Bull breed, if people didn’t automatically view them as aggressive monsters, then these loving animals would get the affection every dog deserves.

It’s time to stop blaming the dogs and start looking to those humans who breed and train them. Pit Bulls were originally bred to hunt, drive livestock, and provide companionship. Hmmm, that sounds familiar. The oh-so-feared Pit Bull may indeed have a similar purpose to our beloved collies, shepherds, and hounds.  Fortunately for them, the latter breeds don’t have a history of being manipulated by owners into the dog fighting ring. Through no fault of their own Pit Bulls have gained a brutal reputation. If dog owners were a lot more educated about the nature of the breed, perhaps one day this could change. Instead of casting them out, we could welcome them to the dog park with our retrievers and our poodles.

Since I don’t currently  have a Pit Bull in my home, I’m going to let those who do share their stories. Here are some links to awesome dogs with their equally awesome humans. It seems to me these people know a heck of a lot more about dog  training than I do.

  • First there is Ziggy. You can find out more about him at Dog Foster Mom, where his foster trainer is doing an incredible job teaching him how to be a great representative of his breed. The stories about Ziggy’s progress crack me up and are definitely worth reading.
  • And then there is Skye, who can be found on the blog Of Pit Bulls and Patience. Skye is also proof that not all Pit Bulls are dog fighters as she shares her home with little, white,  and fluffy Parker. Skye and Parker’s human also has some great advice for reactive dogs in general.
  • Of course, there are also the unforgettable Miss Mand Mr. B of Two Pitties in the City fame. They have some beautiful costumes and seem quite happy exploring their urban world.
  • Lastly, there is Emmet on Oh My Dog. Emmet works very hard as a therapy dog, not something you see every day for one of his breed. This cutie’s human has a ton of information about Pit Bull awareness and is doing great work in the name of animal welfare.

Naturally, I’ve missed about 23,687 great Pit Bull websites and blogs. If you know of any more please link to them in the comments. I still have a lot to learn.

ETA: There are a couple more fantastic Pit Bull sites I neglected to include:

There are Baily and Mesa at Dog is God in Reverse. Kari, their human friend, is also doing great things for the rescue of all breeds. Her adoption stories make me tear up every time.

Emma is a gorgeous Pit Bull Terrier who lives with her Poodle friend Charlie at A Poodle and A Pit Bull. They seem to have quite a lot of adventures together. If you check out the comments, Emma and Charlie’s human also made a good point about Pit Bulls and dog parks that I should have taken into account.

12 thoughts on “National Pit Bull Awareness Day

  1. Thanks for the mention and for highlighting pitbulls overall. I used to be one of those people that was scared of the breed, and it wasn’t until I actually met a pit bull in person that I was able to discover how amazing they really are.


  2. I agree with and love everything that you wrote except for one point. Precisely *because* Pit Bulls are prone to dog aggression and often have very little impulse control (and well-meaning but naive owners), the dog park really isn’t the place for most of them (or for that matter, many of the dogs that are taken to dog parks). Other than that, excellent post! My Pittie girl, Emma, shares her home and life with Charlie, her Poodle brother, who makes the best blanket in cooler weather!


    • Thank you for your input. You’re probably right about that. Though a little while ago I did see a Pit Bull at a local dog park that was amazingly well behaved, better than a lot of the other dogs. But he may be the exception. His owner said he had been taking him – his name was “Tank” – there every day since he adopted him as a puppy. That helps as well. For the most part, I think you have to know your dog. Some just aren’t dog park dogs, which is totally cool. Others are. It’s up to the owner to figure if it’s the right place for them.

      But I totally digress. Thanks again for your comment! I look forward to reading all about Emma and Charlie!


  3. Pitties are so sweet! It amazes me how resilient they can be, too. There are so many wonderful Pit Bull stories out there, it amazes me that people can still be so biased against the breed.


  4. Hi Y’all! Just came hoppin’ by to say I’m glad Pits have a bad rep! My Humans love them! The whole reason I have my happy home is because Pits are banned so many places. It isn’t fair, but as long as there are bad humans out there…
    Y’all come by now!
    Hawk aka BrownDog


  5. Wonderful post. I was privileged to be owned by a Pittie for a little less than a year. She came to me having been deliberately starved with her dog friends at a woman’s home who looked almost starving herself. She came back to health only to leave me too soon. Spanky was a wonderful dog and when, if, I ever have any more room again, I will look for another Pittie.


  6. I am glad you like my movies. I work very hard on my mastiff skills and it isn’t easy what with being a full sized doggie. Clearly, my little labrarork brother is a total suck up momma’s dog when it comes to training. He will work for air treats, the fool!

    I have no doubt the short attention span beastie will post about his CU classes. He goes total cracker dog if momma touches the agilities stuff in our yard and if there happens to be an a-frame left out at school, forget about it!

    We are big fans of the pity bulls too. Such wonderful boxy heads and muscular physiques.



  7. We couldn’t agree more. Thank you for bringing awareness to so many great blogs you are fighting to defy the myths. I once too thought that pitties were evil monsters, until I began to learn more about the breed through other blogs and educating myself. I remember when Dobermans and Sheperds were the target. It’s never the breed it’s always humans who destroy the breeds reputation.


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