Not Quite Marley Levels

Last week, the man who I call my husband even though we are not yet married, received a Very Important Cheque in the mail. A few days later he decided he should deposit this Very Important Cheque in the bank. After grabbing his wallet, this practically husband of mine realised he wasn’t exactly sure where the VIC was.

In the wallet? No.

In his pants pocket? No.

Maybe in the box on the table where I put all of his stuff? No.


After searching the house in all the places the VIC may have been misplaced, the practically husband – or PH – starts to worry. This cheque is Very Important. Losing it would be a very, very bad thing. Finally, he decides to give me a call at work.

“It’s okay,” I tell him. “We’ll figure something out. It happens.”

We both hang up the phone.

I commence freaking out.

The PH then sits down on the couch with a sigh of frustration. Things are just not going his way lately.

Head in his hands, he glances to his right and spies something white. It looks like a small piece of paper. Frowning, the PH crouches down to investigate. It’s probably nothing, he thinks.

Wrong! It is something. It is the thing. The Very Important Cheque! We will not die homeless and alone!

Once the celebration is over, the PH then turns to look at the spotted mutt lying in front of him on the floor. The picture of innocence this dog is, acting as if she has no idea what all the fuss was about. After all, she knew where the cheque was. It’s not her fault nobody had thought to ask. If not for her, the VIC may have been lost forever.

Shiva knows how absent-minded the humans are. That’s why she hid the cheque in the bottom corner of her crate. Under the blanket. For safe-keeping. According to Shiva, it’s the most secure place in the world.

"What? I was just trying to help."


Thanks for looking out for us, Sheevs.

11 thoughts on “Not Quite Marley Levels

  1. Well done, mighty little pup! What would your humans do without you?


    P.S. As for speaking Canadian… the only actual Canadian type person my momma has heard has the French accent. Frankly momma never did well with the French, but she does a mean Indian accent.


  2. Good dog, Shiva. My hounds would have shredded it, partially eaten it, then I would have found a single corner. At least they can all poop paper. Save it for me? Bwahaha!


  3. VERY smart Shiva! Such a good girl! Bet you got a few specials for all that protectin and securin you just did 🙂

    You’d think posty notes would be enough to help them remember things huh? Not even close. Gives us great job security 🙂

    Waggin at ya,


  4. I love it! Absolutely love it!

    Charlie likes to hide his half-eaten raw meals and mushy wet bully sticks in the clean laundry (it’s a great incentive to not do laundry!).

    Emma just thinks everything’s edible, probably including VICs.

    Shiva gets loads of lovin’ for that. I wonder if she saw it fall out of something and then took it for safe keeping?


  5. Oh, this is my laugh for Monday! How would we humans survive without our dogs to look out for us? I’m glad she had it in a safe place (and that you didn’t have to clean it off and piece it back together)!


  6. Love it! Hey, it isn’t her fault that no one asked her where it was…. You are lucky, she is sweet and innocent. I think if it was my cat alex who found a VIC, he would be trying to figure out a way to turn that check into cash so he could buy himself more cat food!


  7. At least you have a dog to blame—once, I put a check away “so I wouldn’t forget where it was” and what did I do? LOST IT. I found it weeks later, but still. At least a dog is not just human error, haha.


  8. My family once had a very special cat who had a talent for ‘finding things’ like that.

    (Not that I have much truck with cats…being a greyhound)

    Well done Shiva!!


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