Even simple ones can seem really tough to make. Like what time to go for lunch, or what picture to add to a post, or what bone to chew on.

Yes, I am the person that says “wherever” when deciding where to dine with friends. Decisive is not a word I would use to describe myself. It’s easier to go with the flow than to actually consider what it is I want.

There are things I’m thinking about. Things to do with authenticity, things that are challenging, and things that are just fun. But it’s hard for me to come to any conclusions. Perhaps I think too much?

Shiva the Dog doesn’t seem to have this problem. She is able to quickly take it all in before responding. She knows what she wants and never hesitates to go after it. Yet, Shiva has also learned when to bolt ahead and when to pause for the right moment. I taught her that.

Maybe she will teach me it is not always necessary to wait.

14 thoughts on “Decisions

  1. Forget the philosophy. How can I get my stingy momma to give me that big an assortment of bones to choose from? Of course the most interesting bone is always the one in PeeWee’s mouth.

    Hey, what’s with human’s not deciding? I think they need a page from the book of dog. Do whatever and if it doesn’t work out, don’t do that again.



  2. I too am the person that says “wherever” when deciding where to dine or what to have for dinner. But the funny part is, I really am a decisive person, but for many things I just don’t care. I like just going with the flow…


  3. What a great array of bones for Shiva! I can so relate to being indecisive. Last week I was supposed to go on Jury service and I was dreading it and had my fingers crossed that I would be challenged. As it turned out I wasn’t required, whew:-) Now I’m sitting here trying to decide whether to go around the garage sales this morning. I’ll go hang out my washing first then decide!


  4. How about choosing from the menu in the restaurant? lol I aggravate people with needing to go through it at least twice, and still not sure.

    Dogs can most definitely teach us much – I like Mango’s advice!


  5. OMGoodness, I would have a riot if I left that many bones out with my hound pack! Bones and treats are very carefully doled out to those who sit, wait and don’t bug others. Shiva is smart and focused. I have been told I think too much. I know I procrastinate; this weekend, after the formal dog stuff is done, I have hours of study to do for my work evaluation next week – ACH. Next year will be different :). I like flow – a good book, too: Flow by Micheal Czernvenesky (sp).


  6. It’s always hard to make decision, isn’t it?

    In this case, I think I’ll collect all the bones and make decision later on. It’s no hurry, I can sit on them the whole day and tell my mom what my decision is a week later : ). What my mom needs is PATIENCE!!!


  7. Thanks for commenting on my blog – it’s nice to know about your as well! I am a huge dog person! This photo of Shiva reminds me so much of my pup, Sadie. She is SO particular (er, maybe more spoiled) about what bones she wants. They seem completely identical to me but she’ll know instantly whether she is interested or not. The amount of time my husband and I spend trying to get her interested in bones that she refuses… make me wonder who’s really in charge!


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