We’re getting there

It just shows how much you can do with a couple of home-made jumps. Agility class today went brilliantly. Shiva and I even one a mini competition. One I did not at all expect to even do well in. Proving, of course, that my dog is a thousand times smarter than me when it comes to athletics. No big surprise there.

Shiva – an agile, well-muscled dog born to compete in sports.

Me – an unco-ordinated, not-so-muscley human born to read books in a quiet room.

But that’s what I mean. If I am pulling this off. Me, the world’s most unlikely athlete. I struggle with basic aerobics, no joke. It’s kinda embarrassing. But if I can do this agility handling thing with even limited success, then how amazing is out instructor? How amazing is our dog?

Right now I’m sitting on the couch typing and drinking a glass of pinot grigio (Argento, it’s awesome) while the PH and Shiva are playing tug on the floor. A particularly raucous game judging by the sounds they are both making. Really, he should be Shiva’s agility partner. Not me. He’s the natural athlete. He’s the one with all the co-ordination and skill. And yet…

We’re all a team, I guess. Right now, in this moment, it works. We haven’t won any titles yet. Nonetheless, I do believe we’re getting there.

ETA: It took awhile to get Shiva to pose for this shot because she kept jumping over the bar instead of staying still. Another good sign, I think.

12 thoughts on “We’re getting there

  1. I’m jealous that you get to do this. Jack’s idea of agility is not knocking things off the table when he wags his tail when he gets excited! 🙂


  2. Love the agility class, but love the glass of wine even more… I just poured myself a glass of pinot noir… Cheers! I used to make my dog jump over my legs, as if she was jumping over a pole….


  3. Hie Shiva and Kristine! Thanks for the visit. I’d love to join Shiva jumping. My Mama says I’m the best jumping and climbing cat on earth…(my highest is the top of the kitchen cabinet…so far). Purrrlease come again. purrrr….meow!



  4. Those jump cups are very creative. Very cool! You sound a little surprised at what you’re accomplishing, and that’s the fun part about stepping out of our comfort zones. Discovering that we can do things that we formerly thought we may not have been born to do. Yeah for you and Shiva! There’s a lot of fog in agility when you start out, but the longer you stick to it, the more the fog lifts. It’s a process to enjoy, and you seem to be loving what you’re finding out about yourself and Shiva in your agility journey. 🙂 That’s what it’s all about in my book.


  5. Well done you! It’s wonderful when life throws us a nice surprise, so encouraging. I’d love to do agility but I’d be lost after the 3rd jump. I have trouble getting round a Rally O course without getting lost and that has signs to tell you where to go!!

    Keep up the good work and you’ll be as good as the lovely Shiva in no time:-)


  6. Congratulations on having a good agility class! We’d love to do agility but we can’t because of Eva’s weak hind legs. However, not doing agility doesn’t stop us from having fun, we do tricks and some other silly things. I’m not an athlete either but I’m glad you’ve a chance to do agility with Shiva’s help : )

    Have fun with Shiva!

    I’d love to have a glass of pinot grigio too!!!


  7. I created some homemade agility jumps and weave poles and need to upload them to compare – similar to yours but the bottoms are a tad different. Cavalier and agility are not stars but they do love the part of doign anything to please their owners… slowly lol.


  8. Thank you for stopping by Welcome To My Kitchen and commenting about the pumpkin cheeseball recipe. yes its a great recipe and was a hit at the work party today. there is no pumpkin in the recipe as some people think. Come back anytime!! Nice to meet you.


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