Yet One More Video

Shiva the Dog has a pretty strong prey drive. Strong, but preferential. She doesn’t much care about squirrels, raccoons, or rabbits. All those little fuzzy creatures make her go, “meh.” It’s hard to even get her to look at a rodent for more than a second. We’ve tried. (Yes, we apparently like to encourage wild behaviour).  Most of the time she’s more interested in the grass.

Shiva the Dog has a bird brain. 100%. From the early days on it was tough to keep her from yanking me across the road to chase after a pigeon. We live in an area with a lot of lakes; there is one in our back yard. Lakes attract a lot of feathered creatures, especially ducks. Ducks are Shiva’s favourite type of fowl.

On rare occasions, I like to give her the chance to practice her hunting skills. While she is insanely fast for a dog, I know she has no chance at besting anything with wings. So in the right moment, when no one else is around, I’ll let her go.

Watching Shiva run after birds is always hilarious. It makes her deliriously happy and I can’t help but laugh. This morning, I happened to have my camera with me at the right moment. Lucky for you, you get to share in a bit of our Saturday morning joy.

You’d think all that would have tired her out…

14 thoughts on “Yet One More Video

  1. Shiva your FAST girl! I love how she comes straight back to you and sits. Becky is a little scattered brained and would get lost, Kodee ahh my sweet girl would not leave my side… till a squirrel appeared 😉


  2. Looks like she was having a ball … and her polite sit/wait in the face of all that pent-up energy and prey drive is very impressive! You can tell that the two of you have done a lot of work together.

    Tucker’s Mom


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