Things Making Me Grumpy

  1. It’s been raining for four days straight. Cold, sideways, wet rain. I realise that last adjective is redundant. Shiva the Dog does NOT like the rain. And neither do I. At this point, I think I’m ready for snow.
  2. The PH is gone for two weeks on business, leaving me alone with a meowing cat and a hyper-active dog who does not like the rain. It sucks.
  3. That stupid Bounty commercial where the mom is oh-s0-thrilled to clean up the salsa mess her husband and son made. Seriously. If I ever see a commercial wherein a man cleans up his own mess, I will be loyal to that company for life.
  4. I am completely out of good ideas to write about for NaBloPoMo. At least any I feel like writing about at this moment in time.
  5. The Cat went outside in the pouring rain and refuses to come back in. He sat in the middle of the lawn and simply stared at me as I called him. I remain unimpressed.
  6. I have to cook my own dinner. Can you imagine?
  7. The dog is making me feel guilty for playing on the computer instead of with her. I am such a heel.
  8. This hot chocolate is not nearly chocolatey enough.


Karen Walrond, the author of The Beauty of Different has a powerful message to share. She believes everyone with the capacity to love and the willingness to be loved in return, is beautiful. When a woman calls herself beautiful, with no regard to social convention, it is a radical act. She is urging women from all over the world to start a self-portrait project. The above photo is part of my contribution.

21 thoughts on “Things Making Me Grumpy

  1. when I recovered the sofas with linens and padding yesterday (needed to keep them clean – ha), I finally swept the dust off the WALLS. I forget about dusting as I only have the dogs to answer to and they don’t care.
    I don’t like sideways rain, either, nor do my hounds. When it rains outside, it “rains” inside – what a mess to keep their delicate paws dry. I am from Minnesota/South Dakota/Montana living in Missouri – I miss real snow!
    I don’t have TV so have missed the Bounty commercial – YEAH.
    With the time change here, it has been dark for an hour (now 6:10 PM) – everyone is in the house, resting and snoring :).


    • Hah! Dusting. I do that maybe once a year? It’s a secret shame.

      Seriously. You say you miss the snow now but I bet after a month of it, you’d change your mind.


  2. Cute portrait!

    Here’s an idea for blog posts–when my (now) husband and I were dating, he once sent me 12 envelopes. Each envelope had one letter in it for me to arrange into a sentence. The sentence? “Gee, you’re tan” (an “e” was missing; it was supposed to read “gee you’re neat!”

    So if you get desperate, give it a try: one word each post.


  3. So funny you wrote about cooking your own dinner. I love to cook, but HATE cooking for me. I can’t be bothered. My husband has a dinner meeting tonight, so I nuked a hot dog… best I could manage with the least amount of effort.


    • Hahahaha. That’s hilarious!

      I don’t hate cooking but I only like doing it with a recipe when I have lots of time to plan it out and get the right ingredients. Cooking on a daily basis, every night, just sucks. It’s actually a life list item. 😛


  4. There’s nothing as terrible as the dishes. They are the bane of my existence. I’d cook everyday forever if someone would do the darn dishes.

    It’s been raining here too. Sucks when you’re a dog walker and outside all day. Especially when the pups put up a fight.

    My pups hate the rain too. I can’t wait for our first snowfall, though it seems like it’ll be a ways away.

    Love the self-portrait idea. I think I’ll try it. I wonder if I can get all four animals in one shot with me. I highly doubt it, actually. It might be comical to tape me trying to do it though.

    Anyways. Write about Shiva! I’m sure she never has a dull moment!


    • You absolutely should join in on the project. Do it. Now. 😉

      Is it weird that I’d rather wash dishes than cook? Probably.


  5. The one I hate more than the Bounty commercial is the Always ad — Have A Happy Period! Are you friggin’ kidding me? The man who wrote that ought to be tied down and flogged by women in the throes of PMS! Gah!

    I’m sorry, I got carried away on my soapbox! I hate hot chocolate that’s not chocolatey enough, too!

    Great portrait!


  6. I will trade my wind for your rain – and then I’ll be your alibi for when you knock off the bounty man – and when all else fails for dinner do what I do call for take out


  7. I hate the rain! I don’t want to go out in it and mom forces me to go to do the bathroom thing. That’s why she got my rain coat.
    Yup- liverwurst mixed with my kibble. Most people don’t know or like Liverwurst but my mom acutally grew up eating it and doesn’t mind it. It stinks pretty funny and is mushy but I can’t get enough of the smell. I come running and can often smell it from the other room 🙂 Then she freezes it so it takes me even longer to get through it. Dang her!
    I will have to hold the camera and take a pic of mine for that self-portrait thing. She is pretty special in my book 🙂


    • She’s pretty special in my book too. 🙂

      A rain coat is an awesome idea. I’ll have to look for one for the Shivster I think.


  8. Hi,
    Here is the very complicated recipe for the Sweet potato dog snacks:
    Organic Sweet potatoes, wash and slice about an 1/8th inch thick. Spread them out on a cookie sheet and bake at 180 degrees for about 4-5 hours.
    A good little project for a rainy day!
    ~Sandy & Ryker


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