Tuesday Time-out

The photos are finally in! I present to you…

 Shiva’s modeling début!

The next time you see this face, it’ll be on the cover of Vogue.

Or, if she’s really lucky, Dog Fancy.


I hope she remembers us when she’s rich and famous.

19 thoughts on “Tuesday Time-out

  1. Oh, my! Her first photo says “look at me!” I would say yes, she is a ham and yes, I, too, would buy a mag with a Shiva. Have you ever sent a smiling photo of her to the smiling dogs pages of The Bark? She would be perfect.


  2. do the grandparents get a shot to show off – she is much cuter than most of my other friends grandkids – and better behaved


  3. Shiva’s photos are great!! I definitely see more photo-shoots in her future. 🙂 Very nicely done. Thanks for visiting our page. I’m glad you enjoyed our photos too.


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