Tuesday Time-out

On Saturday it was such a gorgeous day so Shiva and I walked to our weekly agility class. The class is held at a local doggy day care, which is on the other side of the harbour.

We’ve never walked across the bridge before, Shiva and I. It was hard to guess how she’d react. Mostly I was just hoping the walk would tire her out to give her better focus in class.

As you can see, Shiva wasn’t thrilled with the location. She handled it admirably, but right away I could tell how uncomfortable she was with all the strange noises. Not to mention all that water below.


For one thing, she was actually calm. And she barely glanced at the few people who passed us. Not a confident puppy there.

Luckily, it only took us ten minutes to get across. We were both a little relieved.

No matter what, Shiva is still the bravest dog I know.

18 thoughts on “Tuesday Time-out

  1. At least her tail was up and over in one of your lovely photos. I remember trying to ride my horse (years ago now) over a local bridge. He put one hoof on the bridge, heard/felt the hollow sound and backed up very well! I did get him to walk over it – but I had to lead him. Adventure on! Hope the class went well.


    • Shiva’s tail is pretty much always up, no matter what we’re doing. It’s strange but cute. I don’t know if it means anything.

      Horses are tough. Good on you for convincing him to eventually cross.


  2. Dude. Bridges scare the crap out of me so hoo-rah for Shiva for making it across! We’ve yet to take Mak or Chai on a bridge, but I can only imagine the distress.

    When I was traveling in Vancouver (or Victoria maybe? I think Vancouver), we went to see this huge cable suspension bridge. All it had was wire fencing on the sides to prevent falling to your doom and people were taking not only their itty-bitty childs on it, but their dogs! I thought I might puke walking on it, swaying all about in the wind, I can’ t imagine being a DOG and having to do that!

    I might be a wimp, though. Maybe.


    • Yes, I know that bridge. Capilano? Is that what it’s called? It is a little frightening. I’m not scared of heights usually but even I worry a little when the bridge beneath my feet sways. It’s cool but definitely not for the faint of heart. Those are some pretty trusting dogs!


  3. A few more trips and hopefully Shiva will feel right at home. Add a couple pieces of cheese and she’ll probably pull you over the bridge.

    But you didn’t answer the question–did the walk help her focus during class?

    The second to last picture was really good. It captured that little tongue flick that’s the sign of nervousness most people miss.


    • Cheese! I had some in my backpack and I’m kicking myself for not pulling it out now. Plain old kibble just isn’t nearly as exciting as cheese.

      Heh. I’m planning a post about that in the next couple of days.


  4. Brave girl Shiva.

    There’s an exhibit at our local Sculpture Park that has wooden steps going up to an observation level (maybe 20 steps?). Charlie will NOT go up it. He will stand at the bottom and bark at me until I come down. I, of course, ignore him until he stops barking, going up and down the steps like the insane dog “trainer” I am, with Emma following me, thinking mom’s really weird and doing really weird stuff, but I’d better keep up!


    • That makes me laugh; I can totally picture it. Poor Charlie! I love how Emma just goes with it.

      It’s odd what will frighten them and really gets me thinking about my dog’s perception of the world. Each one is so different.


  5. wow Shiva was brave, awesome job and what great practice to try something new!! Fred would have froze right up I think, Haylie would have handled it like nothing but then again nothing ever phases her, Fred is a scardy cat.

    Did you name her Shiva? Just curious how she got that name 🙂


  6. I found you! Yay! I have just luved your comments on my bloggie but I couldn’t figure out if you had a bloggie of your own. But I finally found yours! Yippee!

    Shiva is SO most beautiful! And I think she looks like one of the bravest doggies that ever was. I pawsonally know how hard it is to go somewhere new but Shiva did it! Way to go, Shiva!

    Wiggles & Wags,


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