Why My Dog Trainer Doesn’t Know About My Blog


Shiva just wrote that. Apparently she thinks since NaBloPoMo is over (I did it! I really did it!) I should be spending less time on the computer and more time helping her annihilate her tug toys.

Heeeeeyyyy! Look at meeeeeeee!

As I type this she is running around the living room sniffing at things she is supposed to leave alone and throwing her Kong down deliberately on the floor. We call this her “I’m bored” dance. In a few seconds she will start whining at the top of the stairs and when that doesn’t work she will pretend to chase the cat. It’s really quite sad.

Oh, now she’s licking my face again. And now I’m giving into her by telling her to jump on the couch. She thinks she’s trained me; I think I’ve trained her;  somehow, it works. But I was not intending to write about how Shiva has me shaped to do her bidding. It’s old news and I know I’m not alone. Besides, this photo makes it all worthwhile.

I'll put up with a little whining for moments like this.

Yesterday I took a day off from posting to recover from pushing myself to chug something out at least once a day. Honestly, though, I didn’t feel like I actually needed the break. Instead of work, I found the routine just a lot of fun! The ideas came a lot easier than expected. Some days were tougher than others, but I found I actually liked the discipline of it all. I liked the pressure of the deadline. I think it made me a better blogger too.

The end felt a bit anti-climatic. It’s just over. No parade, no puppet show, no champagne. It’s just December. If I don’t post every day I no longer have to feel like a heinous rule-breaker. Maybe one month isn’t long enough for me. Maybe I should commit to posting every day for a whole year!

And maybe not. At least, not yet.

I’d like to thank all those who supported me through the process. I feel like I’ve gotten to know some of you better after being attached to my laptop for thirty days straight. The blogging bug, as it is, has definitely bitten me hard. Given my penchant for extreme laziness, if this all hadn’t been so much fun, I don’t think I would have seen it through. That is thanks to all of you. Once more you proved that dog lovers are the best people in the world.

But I should cut this short. After all,  I have some serious snuggling to do.

27 thoughts on “Why My Dog Trainer Doesn’t Know About My Blog

  1. I admire you for starting and completing the challenge. I have several friends who have participated now twice. I just cant write that much… I tend to loos focus 🙂 Glad Shiva and you made it though 🙂
    You have plenty of time left to make up and snuggle ! Glad you are back and blogging!


    • Gosh, focus for me is really tough as well. I would go to write something and then I’d get an email or a text message and three hours later I’d finally get back to what I was doing. It ain’t for the easily distracted, that’s for sure.


  2. I’ve enjoyed reading your posts on a more continuous basis. I know what you mean about sometimes it’s hard to think of ideas, and I always feel a push to capture pictures that would be ‘great for the blog’. Plus, I think since it’s about your dog, it also encourages us to spend more time with and think about our dogs in other ways. I’m looking forward to reading more!


    • That is true. Blogging has definitely made me more conscious of how I spend my time with my dog, and how I train her. Both very good things.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment. I really appreciate all you have to share.


  3. You’re my model!!!

    I love reading your posts as they are always full of humour, some great thoughts, some silly things which I share and do most of the time (sorry, I call them ‘silly’) and everything about Shiva, how crazy but cute and sweet she is!!!

    You’re a good writer and please keep blogging, way to go, yay!!!


    • Silly is really the only way to describe it. Other than bonkers, that is.

      Thank you so much for your compliments. I love reading about what Eva and Mika are up to as well.


  4. Snuggle away but please, write more than before your Challenge (congratulations!). I, too, have really enjoyed your increased number of entries. None seemed really forced to me, particularly after you got over being nervous (so you said) somewhere around the beginning. You seemed to have found a very nice rhythm – from this reader’s perspective, anyway :).


    • Thanks for all of your kind words and support. And thanks for sacrificing so much for animals. It means a lot that you take what little time you must have to visit my little page.


  5. Mak will come over and throw the ball at you if you don’t play with him. And when that doesn’t work, he starts trying to talk to you in a half caveman grunt/half drunken frat boy voice.



    Ah, I love that dog.

    Yay for snuggles!


    • Hahahaha

      I know that grunt. Shiva usually just employs a long-suffering sigh. Her life is very, very hard, don’t you know.

      Dogs are the best. 🙂


    • Aww, thanks. I think my husband being away for two weeks helped a lot. Since I didn’t have to clean up after him so much, I had a lot of extra time on my hands. 😉


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