Grumpy Bird is Grumpy



I’m not feeling it today. I don’t know if it is the lack of sunshine getting me down or just an overall malaise.

It is pouring down with rain. Again. In December there are supposed to be snowflakes, not raindrops. Furthermore, instead of looking forward to the upcoming holidays, I am feeling stressed because I haven’t crossed one single thing off my list. One part of my brain is screaming at me to take a break and enjoy the season while the other part is hollering if I don’t get everything done in time there won’t be a season to enjoy.

I would like to quit my job as an adult, please. To whom do I hand in my resignation?

At times like these I always like to seek out things that give me some perspective. Life can always be a lot worse. I gotta say, no matter what has  happened, I’ve got it pretty lucky. All I need to do is look at the long list of people I talk to during my non-profit day job to remember that.

SeeFitDo was reflecting the other day about the purpose of the holidays. She mentioned how December is the perfect time to think a little more selflessly, the perfect time to give back a bit of what we have received. While I have been doing some light planning for a future giveaway, I think I need to find a new way to use this space that will help make a real difference. Even if only a small one.

The thing is, I’m as yet unsure how to go about all this. I don’t have a lot of time or a lot of money. I may need some help with ideas. I may need some help with the entire project. But I am thinking it is about time I did something.

20 thoughts on “Grumpy Bird is Grumpy

  1. If I can help in any way please let me know!

    The holiday time for me get busy to and that is why every year I take the time out and ask family and friends for items or donations and I take them to my local no kill shelter. That is my way of giving back.

    I think we all sometimes struggle with wanting our blog to be a certain purpose for us. I know that my blogging girlfriend and I both have detailed instructions of what our platform for blogging is. I am totally up for chatting about it anytime and bouncing ideas off each other 🙂
    Hang in there!


    • I’m just thinking of different things, not really sure what direction I want to head in yet, maybe along the lines of more awareness raising? Anyway, I’m pretty sure the main platform is still going to be me posting pictures of my dog on the Internet. It’s what I do best, after all. 🙂

      Thanks for your input, I may take you up on that.


  2. You do something each and every day with you ” Causes Worth Supporting” list that reaches out to people.
    There is so much need in the world it is hard to focus and easy to get overwhelmed. I chose at least one charity per year and focus on that one. Any thing else that grabs me is icing on the cake so to speak.
    Once retired I hope to do volunteer work in animal rescue.
    We sell some handmade stuff in craft fairs and I always donate a percentage to the local SPCA and or Humane Society.
    I started my blog as a way to chronicle my puppy’s life and photos. I will leave it as simply that.
    I like that you have made us think about what the Holidays are all about and that is love, giving and caring.


    • Thanks for your thoughts, I appreciate it. I guess I’m just in a ponderous state of mind. Don’t worry, the nutty videos aren’t going anywhere. Or maybe you should be worried… I don’t know what I’d do for content if I didn’t have those!


  3. Ok, first things first. Make a pan of brownies. But substitute applesauce for 2/3 of the oil so you can feel good about them as a health food. There, isn’t that better?

    Now, step two. Put on some wellies and take that sweet dog of yours for a walk. As you walk, tell yourself that all the world’s chores will not get done. My father-in-law says that from his to do lists, he usually does 1/3 of the things right away, 1/3 of the things never, and puts the last 1/3 on the next to do list to get mixed back in and divided into thirds again. He jokes that he’s always approaching getting 50% of the things done, asymptotically.

    As for how to use your blog for good, I think that’s a smashing idea, and I know the right idea will come. I’ll be brainstorming, as will all of your other adoring fans.

    Hang in there!

    follow our foster:


    • Brownies, brownies and champagne, is there a better combination? I think you have inspired me.

      I love your father in law’s philosophy. It certainly sounds like a healthier point of view.

      Thanks for your thoughts, as always. Happy Thursday!


  4. Hello….Thank you for joining in on the THANKFUL FUR 3 THURSDAY BLOG HOP today and I hope you gained a few more followers b/c of it!
    I do understand what you mean by feeling overwhelmed due to the upcoming holidays. It is the commercialism that causes people to think they have to do too much and then the public starts questioning whether you are “in the spirit”….well, that should be a question to ask children, don’t you think? Anyway, just have confidence in the fact that you are not alone in feeling overwhelmed and forget about everyone else who is buzzing all around getting ready for the holidays. Do what you can and leave the rest behind.


  5. I would like to 2nd everything Aleksandra said. *Love* the brownies idea 🙂

    I’m sorry you are having a bad day. On my worst days I try to remind myself that it will pass, just as it always does.

    I look forward to seeing what you come up 🙂


  6. Well…my momma sometimes gets grumpy like that, too. But she just decided that she’ll do what she can do. A coupla years ago, she decided to cut WAY back on the decorating. And not worry abouts baking cookies unless she’s “feelin’ it.” And she cut back on some other stuff, too. And it’s helped a lot. She still gets stressy about gift buying but she knows her family will love her no matter what she gives them and that helps, too.

    I think it’s most wonderful that you’re thinking abouts how you can help others. My mom and me have been thinking that we need to do more to help others with our bloggie, too. If we come up with anything brilliant, we’ll let you know!

    Wiggles & Wags,


  7. hi kristiine, you do sound down. wet days will do that. on the bright side, i love the snowflakes drifting down your page and wonder how you did it!

    on your blog’s Purpose: i’m slowly discovering that blogs have a life of their own. i started out without a plan, i pretty much still don’t have one and it may all end tomorrow. but meantime, it’s no longer just a silly happy place for future memories. life and the ups and downs of dog ownership stepped in and made it more serious.

    the best thing i find about your posts is that they are [when not showing cute pics and vids of shiva :p] heartfelt and often insightful. if a post can make someone stop and think even for a bit, or make them laugh and have a happy moment…why then, it’s done something good. don’t you think? you don’t need to have a cause to be useful. that’s what i believe anyway.

    i hope you have a happy weekend xox


  8. No worry, everyone has their down days, and those days filled with question marks and few answers. Hopefully tomorrow will be better for you, or maybe it’ll snow?

    All for a purpose on our blogs, something to really make a difference!


  9. Did someone say brownies? I totally lost anything beneficial I was going to say after reading that!

    I can understand limited resources. It’s one of the reasons we do nursing home visits with the dogs. It’s a small thing, but it really only costs us our time. Helping others doesn’t have to cost you a lot. I think as long as you make it something that works for you, it will all work out!


  10. I agree with Georgia, I think we all started our blogs without knowing our real direction, but then they morphed into something of their own. We started ours just to let our families know what they’re up to, and as we started getting more questions about owning pitbulls, especially in a 2-bedroom condo, we started becoming more breed advocates. We’ve really enjoyed reading your posts and we’re looking forward to more of your adventures. I also get kind of anxious about things, but another teacher helped me put it into perspective by thinking about what was so important and stressful at another time, and most of the time we can’t even remember.


  11. Thanks so much for taking some time to comment on my blog, I am so glad that you are taking some time to reflect. Things are a bit hectic right now but I will see if I can think of some ways for you to “give back”. Also, I hope you and your blog readers check out my blog soon for my contest. Hugs from Kristina and Mr. Tobie (well he’s friendly so he sends a big slobbery dog kiss).


  12. Do’t know ifouhave it or somethng similar but have a Just Giving badge on my blogs. Lovely eeps can clck on it and make a donation to a chaity. Ihave The Alzheimers Society on one blog and The Retired reyhound Tust on the other.

    Sending you hugs.


  13. Everyday can’t be perfect…. We all get our down days, our frustrated days, our “I am losing my mind days!” I was there last week – sitting at my desk crying, because I felt so overwhelmed… Hopefully, this will soon pass. I think you are right, the weather plays a role. I know, when it is dark, gloomy and rainy, I always feel worse…. Hopefully your sun will come out today, literally and figuratively and you will have a much better day…


  14. It is alright to be grumpy and it is alright not knowing what to do in life …We are all human beings and I think it is just fine and good if we are grumpy and feel lost some days!
    Snuggle up with our dogs, walk them or being walked, talk to them and play with them… all these make us happy again and feel that life is actually beautiful!


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