Ho Ho Ho

Last week, we took Shiva to meet Santa in support of raising funds for the Nova Scotia SPCA. A friend from agility class was kind enough to film the introduction. To completely spoil the ending I am going to tell you now that no Clauses were harmed in the making of this video.

I should have known how awesome it would be. The combination of a gigantic bookstore, a ridiculous amount of excited dogs, and a lot of Christmas cheer pretty much guarantees a good time. While we waited around for our photo, I got the chance to meet many gorgeous dogs and their amazingly friendly people, completely falling in love with a huge bloodhound name Clydesdale. I wonder if he still thinks of me…

Shiva behaved marvelously. She only jumped on three or four tables and only stole a handful of treats. No books were chewed, though I think a few tomes may have been knocked off a few shelves. In fact, she only barked once the whole time. And it wasn’t even her fault! (To the man who “only has cats”, next time please don’t stick your face directly into a strange dog’s face. It can only end in tears. Probably yours. But I do appreciate you not freaking out at us.) The best moment was when several Chapters staff members came over to say hello. Shiva let all three of them pet her for over five minutes.

I could have cried.

I admit to being nervous about setting her on Santa’s knee. I found out after the snapping of the photo that the man in the suit was actually a popular local trainer from Lietash. If I had known that before I wouldn’t have been nearly so anxious about her taking his head off. You can tell by my expression in the photo I wanted to get it all over with before anything could happen.

It  truly was a fantastic afternoon. The bookstore staff all seemed very knowledgable; they all approached each dog in a non-threatening manner and understood if a few carefully arranged displays ended up not so carefully arranged. When you can get a crowd of around two dozen dogs sharing a small space and no major fights break out, I think it is a win. Everyone was very respectful of everyone else’s space. Something I haven’t always found. Any potential altercations were swiftly averted by the maneuverings of the dogs’ owners.

I’m so glad we decided to take the risk and go this year. It illustrates how far Shiva has come in the last twelve months. It illustrates how far I have come in the last twelve months. This holiday season we have a lot to celebrate.

34 thoughts on “Ho Ho Ho

  1. That is a beautiful picture and Shiva looks great!

    It seems both of you and lots of people had so much fun there and the most important thing is Shiva behaved so well there.


  2. this is fantastic, and the three of you are just too cute. we are taking lollie to visit with santa next weekend . . . and santa happens to be her very good friend from the shelter– the guy who kept her sane during her 8 weeks in the kennel!

    follow our foster: loveandaleash.wordpress.com


  3. Don’t you just love when people tell you the pertinent information AFTER? Oh well. So glad it all went well, that’s definitely a win if there were no problems in such small quarters! Love that photo!


  4. The picture is great — definitely Christmas card worthy! I loved the video, too! She sure was curious about Santa. I was hoping for a beard pull there! Now THAT would have been a hilarious picture!

    I’m so glad it all went well!


  5. The picture came out wonderful!!! Fred and Haylie actually did ten times better the year we went to see santa versus staying at home and taking the picture. I guess at home they dont behave as well as they do in public hahah.


  6. It sounds like a really fun event. I love that you tried it out this year and it went so smoothly. Shiva is so beautiful. And that picture turned out great!


  7. Awesome!!!

    I love the Bloodhound named Clydesdale, I once new a Bloodhound named Major Tom – head over heels in love with him!!

    Also wanted to comment on the photographer’s excellent timing – he’d make a great clicker trainer.

    And high fives, super slobbers, and lots of c/ts to you and Shiva for behaving yourselves quite so well!

    (And to that cat-only person, I’d like him to try that maneuver on some cats and leave from it with all eyes in tact!)


  8. Way to go, Shiva! I luvs the picture of the three of you! And Shiva isn’t a dummy. She knows that SANTA knows if you’re naughty or nice. Especially during the time you’re sitting right on his lap.

    My mom wants someday to get my picture taken with Santa but she’s super nervous that I’LL be super nervous. Maybe I’ll show her your bloggie so that she understands that sometimes you just gotta go for it!

    Wiggles & Wags,


  9. Oh my did you make my Mom SMILE! You’re the cheeriest bunch of pretty mugs! Shiva you’re so lucky to get to meet Santa! And sit on his lap too?! I’m thinkin you might be just a tad bit spoiled 😉

    Happy Holidays to all of you,


  10. That’s an adorable photo! I love the expression on Shiva’s face. Congratulations on coming so far and liking where you are. And, by the way, love the snow falling on your blog. 🙂


  11. Wow, what a great trip! I have to confess that when I first saw that Shiva was getting her picture taken with Santa, I sucked in a gasp of air to the tune of “Oh Lord!” (I tend to see every situation through Kona…big man, strange suit, holding my dog…ha!) But look how great she did!!

    It sounds like you two have come leaps and bounds together. Keep it up!


  12. Your photo turned out great, and I’m so glad the afternoon was fun! It’s amazing how we sometimes expect a certain behavior from our dogs and then they go and surprise us. Happy holidays!


  13. You are far braver than I — even though you were anxious. I thought about taking Danny to see Santa, but the thought of him waiting in line with a bunch of other wound-up dogs was daunting.

    Happy Christmas!


    • I didn’t even entertain the idea last year. There was no way she could have handled it then. This time she was a little manic but with enough treats she remained calm-ish. I hope she had fun as well.

      Happy Christmas to you!


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