Tuesday Time-out

Something has changed. Shiva is looking a lot more “stylish”.

There is a swanky new swish to her tail.

The girl is rockin’ a new look.

She seems to be holding her head just a little bit higher these days.

This Tuesday Time-out was made possible by Doggie Stylish, the producers of Shiva’s fancy new leather collar and leash set. Thanks to this fantastic giveaway, my dog is now a lot more fashionable than I am.

29 thoughts on “Tuesday Time-out

  1. Whoa, what a lovely new look!

    And Kristine, you’ll love the leather leash. Although I know Shiva never pulls or acts wild, I got a leather leash when my last dog Shadow was pulling hard enough to make my hands bleed. The soft leather leash was a real godsend until we got that little behavior under control.


    • Shiva has never pulled on the leash a day in her life. She has always been the perfect angel, just walks calmly by my side through instinct alone. There is no other place she would rather be.

      Yeah. About as much as she hates steak.

      Fortunately, my hands have never bled (yikes!) but I do have some ultra-sexy calluses from the other leash. It would be nice to get rid of those one day.


    • Hahahaha! I can just picture it – though she may be a little too “exuberant” for the runway. That may be more Eva’s thing.


    • Me too! That’s one of the reasons I wanted black.

      It is about time she had a new collar. Her old one is the same one she wore at the SPCA.


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  3. I swear, Chick always prances around when he gets a new outfit or accessory. I don’t know how he can tell, but he can! And I totally agree about the leather. It makes a big difference and just gets softer and softer over time. Congrats to you and Shiva!

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