Smelling Salts

When I hit publish today, I will officially have 100 posts to my name. It’s a big number for me, the most undisciplined journal writer in the universe. I feel like I should do something special in commemoration. Maybe post a video of Shiva’s latest trick? Instead of typing, record a vlog of my blithering? Give away that autographed portrait of my dog nobody in their right mind would want? Saber a bottle of champagne in real-time?

 Actually, that last option sounds like a lot of fun. Hmmm…

 All of these utterly fantastic ideas are going to have to be saved for another time because today all I can think about are my nerves.

 We have a super-gigantic-astronomical weekend coming up at Shiva speed.

 First, there is our normal Saturday agility class. Each session has gotten more technically difficult and I find my handling skills are being put to the test more than ever. The biggest thing for me lately is learning to think on my feet. I can plan out every course in my mind, visualize the heck out of how I want to run, but if something goes awry – such as my dog taking the jump from a different side during a Snookers course – I have been unable to change my strategy mid-stride. With a wacko dog like the one I’m stuck with, this is a huge problem. I don’t care how many points we rack up but getting whistled off the course sucks. It makes me worry I am never going to be able to complete a run properly.

 If only Shiva was my tenth agility dog and not my first.

 Secondly, right after class we have another workshop in Grand Desert. This one is all about learning to keep a cool head when trialing. Hah! Could it be any timelier? My husband is a seasoned athlete. He thrives in a competitive setting. I wilt like the sickly bush in front of our house. My nerves have long been my greatest nemesis. Along with my fears, natural tendency towards cowardice, and high-heeled shoes. I am hoping this workshop will give me some resources to turn to when I’d rather dive inside the chute with my dog.

You can't tell me this doesn't look tempting.


 Thirdly, my husband’s work Christmas party is on Saturday night. Hopefully after all this agility-ing Shiva will be so exhausted she will just sleep the whole time we are out of the house. Hopefully. Hopefully I will be so revved from learning wonderful new techniques that I won’t be nervous about having to actually talk to people I don’t know. Strangers. Hopefully.

 Fourthly, Sunday morning is the CAANS fun match we have been waffling about attending. It would be a good idea to, you know, get in a practice trial before we decide when to enter a real-life-there-is-no-getting-out-of-this event. It should give us an idea where we stand and what we most need to work on. Other than weaves because I know those suck. (Stupid weaves, boooooooo.) The fun match may also just be, well, fun! There will be others we know there who will laugh along with us as Shiva systematically designs her own course. The only thing is it is early in the morning. Early in the morning after an employee Christmas party. Getting there could be a challenge.

 Fifthly, I wanted to get our Christmas tree this weekend and get the rest of our decorations put up. You think we’re going to have the energy?

 Jeepers, I’m exhausted now just looking at everything I’ve typed. No where in there do I see napping on the couch or reading a book under my favourite blanket. I don’t even see scarfing holiday cookies. This doesn’t bode well for my anxiety. Just saying.

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  1. Congratulations on the 100 posts – I have enjoyed them all. A little tip about Saturday – you know what I do – and believe it or not – I used to cringe at social engagements – or worry about embarrassing myself at functions or pubic gatherings. It came to me one day – actually one evening when I was at a party where everyone had a much better education that I – who had a whole lot more money than I – and were mostly a lot older than I – (this was 20 years ago) – anyways – while sitting in the corner feeling inadequate – I came to a conclusion – in the bigger scheme of life – why did I care what these people thought of me. I knew I was a good person – I knew I tried my best at everything I do – and I knew that at the end of the day – my family and friends still love me. So to heck with what everyone else thinks. As long as you are happy with yourself – and you know that everyone of us will always have your back – you can go out in the world and know that we are all proud of the person you are. Plus – no matter what you do – Shiva will always do her best to make you happy – and help you scarf cookies.


  2. Sounds like a cray cray weekend! There’s always Sunday night for cookies though. Just might have to be the store-bought kind. Or maybe just the dough. 😀


  3. Congrats on reaching a century of blog posts! I guess you’re not the undisciplined journaler you thought you were.

    I haven’t tried agility yet but I’ve watched plenty of competitions. One thing is certain: every handler is going to be caught by surprise sometime. And experience doesn’t always help. So enjoy being in good company. And good luck to you both.

    Oh yeah, and your husband’s work party? If you can think of questions to ask every person you meet, you’ll be the most popular person in the room. Everyone likes to talk about themselves!

    If not, blogs, facebook, websites, journals, reality television, talk shows, etc. would never have been invented.

    Have a great weekend!


  4. Oh man, 100 posts! Congrats!

    Charlie and I did agility for a bit. He likes to add his own soundtrack, if you know what I mean. And then yell at me while I try to explain what’s up next. I feel your pain.

    I’m also not a big party fan. I wish you luck with that one. And high heels. Them and the dishes are mortal enemies of mine.

    Kudos for putting yourself out there though, and actually competing in agility and going to the party. Take small steps, preferably in flats 😉


  5. A blogger centenarian -congratulations! Yep, your weekend sounds exhausting. I could do the dog stuff; the party – ugh. Be sure to stock up on cookies and hot chocolate for Sunday night – or eggnog (the real thing).


  6. Congrats on 100 posts! That’s a big milestone!

    We’re supposed to get a foot of snow this weekend. I’d still rather have that than be as busy as you! Wowzers! I’m tired just reading it all!


  7. I was also getting tired reading all you have planned; it sure is Shiva-style paced! I don’t know about agility, but I can imagine I would be so nervous too. Doing Miss M’s CGC was so nerve-wracking for me, but I realized the more I do the easier it gets. Good luck!


  8. Firstly, congrats on your 100th post! It’s a long way and you are here at last!
    Secondly, have a great weekend and enjoy all the fun! Be it in the agility class or or party!!!
    Thirdly, get the tree out and put it up!
    Fourthly, let Shiva entertain you!
    Fifthly, snuggle up with Shiva and have some good rest!


  9. 100! Wow! You are a gabby one 😉 BOL! Congrats Congrats Congrats! 🙂 It’ll probably be next year before I’ve gabbed that much 😉

    Mom says she will join you, me, and Shiva in the chute :0 She says there is no way she could resist!

    Waggin at ya,


  10. Congrats on your 100th post! WOO HOO! as for this weekend,I need a nap reading your list! But, I bet it sounds worse than it is…. Try and have fun! And sneek in a nap too!


    • And this is my 1000th comment! Too cool. You win!

      I’m not sure what you win exactly, other than the knowledge that you typed my 1000th comment. But really, isn’t that enough of a prize?

      Thanks and happy Friday!


  11. Wow, you bit off a big weekend there! Remember that agility is for fun… yours and especially Shiva’s. If your not having fun or making it fun, rethink it. Focus on you and Shiva.
    High heels, I’m with you 100% there. I’d probably break an ankle!
    Holiday parties are definitely on over load. I am having trouble keeping track of all of them. I am going to figure out which ones I really enjoy and forget the rest. I always have my 90 year old mom as an excellent excuse to stay home.
    But sometimes you have to do things for your husband so go and make the best of it. Maybe they will have cookies?!?
    Congratulations on your 100th post!
    Sandy and Ryker


  12. 100 posts, congrats!! Your posts are always filled with interesting tid bits, stories and facts; keep em coming! This is such a busy time of yr, i hate the “i dont have time to breath” feeling that smothers me. Breath.. things will be at a more even pace soon enough!


  13. I am getting exhausted just reading about your weekend! It seems that Shiva isn’t the only one with boundless energy!
    And, congrats on your 100 posts. An achievement to be proud of 🙂

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