Weekend Favourites

Meeting Shiva’s new walking chum, Brody, at the soccer field. His owners adopted him from East Coast German Shepherd Rescue around the same time we adopted Shiva. The two have very similar greeting styles, i.e. rushing forward into a strange dog’s face without regard for personal space or growled warnings. They were instant friends. I hope we get the chance to walk with him again.

Shiva was the only dog to dash straight through the tunnel during some difficult distance work. That’s my girl!

Not being a very vocal dog, it shocked me on Saturday when Shiva barked her way through three sets of weaves. What was that all about? Annoyance with her greatest nemesis? Was she trying to scare the poles into bending to her will? More running, less thinking! It’s hard not to crack up.

Nachos and cheese while discussing fears with an incredible group of women. I needed that.

Santa hats that light up and dance.

Watching as Jenna the Berner succeeded again and again on some really tough sequences. Her owner has done such a terrific job. I am so proud for them both.

Skipping the fun match in favour of sleeping in till eight-thirty on a Sunday morning. Shiva gave me my present early this year. (Don’t worry, we’ll be ready for the next one. It turns out our friend Toffee slept in too.)

The scent of a fresh pine tree wafting through the house.

Butter tarts and eggnog and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

Learning ways to deal with mind-numbing nerves through laughter and awkward Christmas solos.

Watching our dog trainer get peed on by Frankie the wee BC. Best. Facial expression. Ever.

Shiva being Shiva and all that implies, which includes manic running  around the pup tent, jumping up on strangers, and nailing a challenging sit-stay. It’s nice to hear others agree on how far she has come. I feel so lucky she is willing to be out there with me, doing her best. What a privilege it has been.

What were your favourite weekend moments?

20 thoughts on “Weekend Favourites

  1. Watching Lollie, our foster pit bull wonderdog, ham it up at Santa’s workshop this weekend (photos on our blog. so cute).

    And, (non-dog-related) craftily turning a portion of our unfinished basement into a super comfy movie theater via a projector, a craigslist sofa, a shag rug, and a mini fridge for beer (ok, the mini fridge is totally made up . . . for now).

    follow our foster: loveandaleash.wordpress.com


  2. Wow, you had yourself quite the weekend. I too am tired after reading about it…Isn’t it amazing how some how sleeping until 8:30 becomes sleeping late?


  3. Whew! Shounds like a busy, but FUN weekend!
    Tibby has the same greeting style – “Hi! Hi! Hi! I Love you!” She can’t believe every dog isn’t her best friend.


  4. Favorite weekend moment – Watching White Christmas with Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye – three times – and not having any of the males of my family home to say – can you watch that in the bedroom instead of on the big tv. Second favorite moment – reading rescued insanity –


    • This made me laugh because Rob was just talking about this on the weekend. I mentioned that White Christmas was on and he went on about how you used to make him watch it every single year. Too funny. His loss, really.

      You are too nice. I hope everything is going well at home. 🙂


  5. Well, looks like you had a great weekend after all!!! Me too, had early Sat. breakfast with girlfriends and then a dog walk in the snow covered forest breaking trail in the deep snow.
    Tucked my 90 year old mother into bed while she tells me how much she loves me… she does that everyday! I’m so lucky.
    Being forgiven by my husband for forgetting an important appointment and not being home on time.
    Laughing at Ryker’s silly after bath behavior. Rubbing all over the towel drying off. I gotta get a video of this.
    And sleeping in on Sunday morning! Thanks for reminding me : )



    sleeping in till 7 – our weekend treat. miss georgia is ready to paw our faces from about 5.30 [our weekday waking up time] but is kind enough to just lie around till then.

    me: capoeira training and dumplings after. yum

    the other half: NOT catching a rat – YOU know what that’s about kristine 🙂

    rufus: surviving another weekend



  7. I agree with Shauna! Sounds like your weekend was busy and you made it through it. I’m really happy for you.

    My moments were just playing freely in snow with the dogs, like the dogs, full of fun and laughter.


  8. Sounds like a great weekend.

    My favorite thing–leaving my husband to walk Honey while I went to help a friend set up an art show. Then, coming home to find he took all kinds of great pictures of her in front of our local waterfall.


  9. Great post! Well, Saturday I got my Christmas present, and I’m thrilled with it! I found out that the auction for Blueberry did incredibly well. We got to take the girls to see Santa at the dog bakery, even though he was scared to hold any of their leashes. We got to spend all day Sunday inside being lazy while a blizzard blew through outside. It was a nice weekend for us, too!


  10. ‘What were your favourite weekend moments? ‘ – That’s a good question.

    When most people think that weekend is a time to rest and do some leisure activities, I find my weekends are always jammed packed with random activities. In fact, I spend most of the time with my dogs on weekends. We look for dog friendly parks and restaurants and it’s so miserable that we can count them with our fingers. Most parks and places are not dog friendly and there is a big sign there that even a blind knows it because there will be people who come straight to you and tell you off!

    I’d love to sleep until 8.30am in the morning on weekends but Eva gets up early at 6.30am. Sigh!!!

    I’m glad you had a great weekend too!


  11. So glad to hear she did well! And that you guys got to sleep in. 🙂 My highlight was spending all day Saturday hanging out alone with Mr. Same Same, watching Love Actually and episodes of Dead Like Me.


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