Shiva had another chance to work on her modeling skills recently.  Dr. V. at Pawcurious decided to put together the “12 Days of Petmas”. At the time I must have felt creative so I signed up. Naturally, I procrastinated and had to do a quick photo session at the last-minute. But I am pretty proud of the results.  

We were number four. Make sure to check it out! Not only will you see an amazingly well-crafted photo of the Shivster but there also many other adorable animals who have sacrificed themselves in the name of art.  I am looking forward to seeing what the poor person came up with for number twelve!

(Com)Passion for Pits linked to a quiz the other day that I thought was really cool. Called Find the Pit Bull, it challenges our often misguided notions of what a real Pit Bull looks like. More times than anyone could count dogs of other breeds are often identified as Pit Bulls which leads to further breed stereotyping. I pride myself on being able to name many different breeds by sight alone but it took me more guesses than I’d like to admit before I found the right dog. It’s humbling and if you haven’t already, you should take the challenge yourself.

In fact, I’ll even issue a second challenge for those Pit Bull-savvy readers out there. Once you find that dog, see if you can spot the Catahoula. I’ll give you a hint –  the dog looks a lot like my header image.

Scratchings and Sniffings posted about a fantastic campaign in 2011 called the 365 Days of Animal Advocacy Project.

One dedicated activist at I Love Rescue Animals will be wearing a different t-shirt every day for the entire year. Each t-shirt will advertise for a different shelter, rescue, awareness organization, business, event, or any other welfare group dedicated to helping animals. Along the way she will be writing posts and promoting each organization in as many ways as possible. I think the idea is absolutely fantastic. If you are interested in helping out it should be pretty easy. Obviously she will need a lot of shirts! For further information, just read this post. Pretty awesome, eh?

This is probably only of any relevance to myself, but I have been thinking of signing Shiva up for some classes with the goal of taking CKC’s Canine Good Neighbour test. The CGN seems to be pretty identical to the AKC’s Canine Good Citizen. The company we train with will be offering a six-week class in the spring with the evaluation to come shortly after.

This is a pretty big deal for me to even be considering going for it. A year ago I laughed at the notion. There was no way we could ever let a judge touch her. Shiva just couldn’t handle the stress. But now, a year later, things have changed. While some parts of the test may be a challenge – such as leaving her alone with a stranger for three minutes – we have conquered so much. It would be a wonderful chance not only to show off her new abilities but to also prove to all the doubters that Shiva is a better dog than they thought. The crazy little rescue that could.

I should probably talk with my trainer before I pursue this any further. For some reason I felt like sharing anyway.

And, because there has been a whole lot of talking going on and not a lot of pictures, here is a video I found while waiting for my butter tarts to cool. For me, it isn’t even about the dogs. There is something about the general goofiness of the handlers that is absolutely hilarious.

Maybe it’s just me.

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  1. Love the photo! I do love that pitbull test. I still can’t get it right. Plus, there are so many different kinds of dogs out there that I’ve never even heard of. When we were in Portugal we kept seeing ‘pitbulls’, but their owners said they were a type of Argentenian dog. I think if Shiva is doing the agility training, she could def do CGC. For Miss M, her challenges were approaching another dog without getting excited, and letting someone pet her without getting excited. We practiced by going to crowded areas and I asked different people to interact with her (though I did get some refusals as some older people thought she might eat them). Overall, being around the excitement and working on our communication skills helped. I actually was the one who failed our first time. I didn’t have enough trust in her, and since we can’t treat them during the test, I thought if I rubbed my hands with salami, and let her lick my fingers as a reward that would be good—very dumb idea. She got so angry that she couldn’t actually eat the food she started playing with the leash, tugging, in the middle of her test. We failed. And when I realized I just had to trust her, we aced the second test. I know you’re a good team and should do well. Good luck!


    • That’s what I thought was so cool as well. Our actual perception of what a pitbull is often is wrong. There are a ton of rare breeds that we don’t have here in North America, at least not usually. Blaming a single breed for acts of violence is so utterly ridiculous. I think this test proves it.

      Hah! Thanks for the vote of confidence. Agility and CGC are not exactly the same thing. Agility dogs are known for being a little crackers, I would never approach one unless I knew him or unless he approached me first. It’s safer that way. Shiva is good in a crowd and seems to not mind being touched by strangers nearly as much as she used to. However, walking near a strange dog is another story. Convincing her to ignore another dog is our main struggle right now. But we’ll get there I think.

      What a great reminder to trust our dogs a little more. It’s so true. I easily would have made the same mistake.

      Thanks for your thoughtful comments. They are always appreciated.


  2. That’s great that you’re considering taking the Canine Good Neighbor test! Some people think the CGC test is hard, some think it’s easy. I thought it was somewhere in between. It all depends on your dog’s personality really. I’m sure if you work hard enough you can definitely pass it with flying colors! Good luck!

    Elyse and Riley


  3. That is a fantastic photo of Shiva!

    So great that you want to do the CGN test! Kayloo passed her therapy dog test, which was so great. I was totally nervous and tired her out before the test. Half way through she laid down in exhaustion 🙂 She made it though!


  4. oh my gosh! i got it right. can’t believe it! it looks just like our local very popular staffy [which i read somewhere is what a pitbull is, just with a different name – can’t confirm that though].

    love the dogo argentino – one of my favourite to-look-at dogs. many of the south american “fighting” dogs are banned here i believe. but they are SO beautiful.

    also beautiful – the catahoula. never even heard of it before. thought it, looked like some kind of gundog. as for the most inspired name – black mouth cur gets my vote haha!!!

    thanks for the great quiz! 🙂 xox

    p.s. congrats on shiva’s photo op. getting famous are we? ;p


  5. This entry is by far one of your best. Shiva is truly a “shining lighted” star. You and she will do well in CGC. I took a Pit Bull, a hound mix (with no formal prior training – she was that smart and passed just taking the test “for fun”), a Beagle (now adopted after 3 years here – good for him but he is missed) and someone else through CGC. A friend and local trainer was trying to CGC as many shelter/rescue dogs as possible to help with adoptions. Like the links and thoroughly enjoyed the video. Sharing this on FB :). Need to send a T-shirt to the advocate so she can blog about Silverwalk! Great idea!


  6. That picture of Shiva in the lights is absolutely amazing! I love the colors and I love her expression. What a great idea! Now I’m off to try my hand at the pitbull challenge. 🙂


  7. I just clicked to the Pawcurious site to see Shiva as the 4th day of Christmas and I think the idea of stringing her up in lights was brilliant. I wonder how she felt about the photography session? She must’ve wondered what was going on!
    I appreciate your comment about our cat’s ability to sit under the Christmas tree and you asked how I got them to sit without moving a muscle for the camers but I confess there was no trick at all….they just love sitting underneath anything and so when the tree was put up I imagine they thought it was very nice of me to put another comfy spot out for them to sit under!


  8. I love the picture of Shiva in the lights!

    I think you can pass the CGC if you make up your mind to do it, and start working towards it as a goal. We have taken it before and it’s really not as bad as it seems!


  9. That picture of Shiva is adorable! Even if you aren’t sure she’s ready for the test right now, I don’t see why you couldn’t work towards that – seems like a good goal to me!


  10. Shiva did an excellent job as #4. Very cute!! I’ll say this for Shiva. From what I’ve seen she seems really smart, and willing to please. Good luck to both of you in your future endeavors!!


  11. A fantastic picture of Shiva with the lights. The blue light goes so well with Shiva’s black coat!

    Thanks for those links too. A friend of mine has a pit bull and this little girlie is a sweetie! In fact, I think there are no problematic dogs but there are problematic owners who mess up the lovely doggy world!!!


  12. Hi! Thanks for visiting our blog!

    Shiva looked GREAT wearing all those Christmas lights, that was really cute!

    CGN sounds like a good goal to set! Who knows.. maybe once you get training you’ll end up in the obedience ring! 🙂

    Good luck!


  13. What a great holiday shot of Shiva! Made me think of fireflies 🙂 Fun!

    Waggin at ya,

    PeeS: I finally got my cards in and would really like to send you one 🙂 Please send me your dog house mailbox.



  14. Ok, I’m a moron. I saw that picture on the Pawcurious website and said to myself, “How cute! That dog looks like Shiva!”

    I’m also thinking about going for the Canine Good Citizen test with Honey. I think it’s worth trying. If the worst happened and Shiva flunked the test, who cares? You’d still have the other habits to enjoy.

    Sometimes it’s just fun to have a goal to pursue together.


  15. Oh…my…DAWGNESS! Shiva looks SO most adorable in that picture! She’s such a supermodel!

    My mom and me have been thinking about taking the CGC test. I get kinda nervousy around other doggies, though, so we’re not sure. But we think you and Shiva should at least give it a try!

    Oh, and me and my mom luvs that test. When I first got adopted, my Uncle was very upset about the way I look (yeah, crazy, I know) and my mom made him take that test. When he first started it, he said, “Now, let’s see…which is the meanest looking dog on here?” He kept trying and trying and my mom finally had to tell him which one it was. BOL! We think it really made him think about things.

    Wiggles & Wags,


  16. I think Shiva could dominate the CGC! Would you take a class for it, or just study on your own? Our Chick is too excitable around people and dogs, but I think Lollie would kick major butt.
    Also, as an aside: this post gave me so many fun links to visit. Thank you!!

    follow our foster:


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