And then there were three

Choosing a toy to give Shiva for Christmas is either an impossible task or a very simple task. It all depends on one’s point of view. After all, we have yet to find a toy she doesn’t love. That part is pretty easy. However, while I do have a special place in my heart for “ten minutes of peace” stuffies, if I am going to be spending a substantial amount of money I want it to last at least half an hour.

There are only four toys she has owned without completely demolishing. They are as follows:

This orange hockey ball from Canadian Tire

This blue, yellow, and white rope from the pet store, of a brand I cannot recall. Yes, it is grungy but it is still intact. That is deemed a win.

The Nina Ottosson Brick . But this is more of a game than a toy so maybe it doesn’t even count.


And the good old Tricky Treat Ball. Although you can tell it has seen better days. I would toss it if it didn’t provide such good distraction while I write blog posts.

That’s it. Four lonely toys. I could add the Kong to this elite group but since she is on her sixth or seventh, I thought that wouldn’t be fair to the 576th stuffed tugger we had to throw out. When it comes to deceased playthings I am all about fairness.

So this is my dilemma. Do I get her something just to keep her busy while we play around in the kitchen on Christmas day? Or do I take a risk and try out one of the new,”ultra-tough” toys on the market? Decisions, decisions.

Okay, just as I was about to hit “publish” the tricky treat ball gasped out its last breath. Sigh.

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  1. Rope toys don’t last too long around here but I haven’t bought a really heavy duty one yet because I figure Riley will just chew through them too so why spend more money? Maybe I should invest in one. Have you ever tried any of the West Paw Design toys like the Bumi or Hurley? Riley hasn’t been able to tear those up and we’ve had them for almost a year. She usually can chew through anything. Plus they replace them for you if your dog manages to chew them up. Worth a shot.

    Elyse and Riley


    • As long as I never leave Shiva with a rope toy unattended, she seems to be okay. We only use it for interaction, like playing tug. I know if she chewed even her very thick rope, it wouldn’t last very long.

      I haven’t heard of West Paw. But I will definitely look for them now. Especially with a guarantee like that! It would be kind of fun to put them to the test. Thanks for the recommendation!


  2. Have you tried tuffy toys? The Mega is the toughest. Mine last a lot longer than any other stuffed toy. Even when they shred it, the little inner ring of the ring toy and the outer ring are used as tug toys. The ring is a favorite around here. Love the look on Shiva’s face as she stands above her rope toy. “Play with me?” I would!


    • I have heard of them but have only found imitation tuffies in our pet stores. Maybe it is time I go online and get the real thing. They do look adorable and I know they have a good reputation. It’s cool that there is an inner ring as well! They could be the answer to Shiva’s prayers.

      LOL. She has an awesome “wait” but it was hard getting her to pose for the shot. Don’t worry, she got lots of playing in as soon as I put the camera away!


  3. Apparently, the tricky treat ball was reading your entry as you wrote it and was overwhelmed – sighing along with you. OMG, I laughed – sorry :). I use the to go coffee cups. They chew them up, I sweep them up and if I separate the keep my hands from burning surround thing, I have two toys for free (well, I enjoyed the cocoa!).


  4. Tibby isn’t a big chewer, so I don’t have any ideas there, but she has a blue Smarter Toys IQ Treat Ball that she has abused a lot. I have tile in most of my house (the rest is hardwood) and Tibby smacks this ball around really hard. It is made out of plastic and I always think she’s broken it, but it continues to survive.
    It’s really scratched up, but the plastic must be super strength or something, because it won’t die!
    We have another smaller one from a different company that I wouldn’t reccommend, because the plastic is so thin, but my rabbits like the small one! LOL!


  5. Oops, sorry to post the link twice. We’re not working for them or anything, they just hold up really well & keep Oskar happy.

    Nubbin wiggles,


  6. This reminds me of the old days with Miss M. I literally had to plan activities for us to do together. And especially when I knew her adoption counselor was coming over, I wanted her to find us playing together nicely and having a good time. I think the best gift for her would be spending time with her, but the best gift for you is whichever toy takes the longest to destroy.


  7. Sorry about the treat ball 😦 I mistakenly bought one for my Mom’s Pit Bulls. They thought that it would be easier to chew the ball in half to get to the treats instead of rolling it on the floor.

    Have you tried a favorite of mine? I take an empty water bottle, throw in a few pieces of kibble and voila! Instant cheapo dog toy! Dosen’t matter what the bottle looks like after, it’s going to be recycled anyways and Jersey loves the rattling.


  8. Can’t really help I’m afraid, as if I find nything that is indestructible Song’s not intrested. Her stuffed toys are usualy left in one piece. Anything that squeaks is sqeaked remorselessly until it succumbs. Idid buy her a treat ball that mae a nose like a duck as it moved. It said it was idestructible – yeh right Within a fw mintes she’d chped into it and made it ery sharp, so I had to trow it.

    Hope you can nd somthin suitable for Siva.


  9. I agree with Houndstooth4, may be you can consider the Planet Dog toys. I have two Planet Dog balls and they are pretty tough too, they are also bouncy and Eva loves them.


  10. At our local SPCA, they’ve given up on finding indestructible toys. Instead, they create toys that are meant to be destroyed.

    They take a small box (like the kind frozen veggies come in) and put a small, smelly treat inside. They put the small box, inside a cereal box. The cereal box goes inside another box and so on and so on.

    Then they give the box to the dog to chew up and destroy while they try to find the treat. Yes, it’s a big mess at the end but it’s lots of fun.

    I’ve done this with Honey and haven’t found she eats the cardboard, just shreds it. And then all the scraps go into the recycling bin.

    If you can trust Shiva not to swallow too much of the cardboard, I bet she’d have lots of fun.


    • That is a really good idea. Our house is usually a mess anyway! What’s more box-board? I am going to have to remember to save all the boxes we use from now on.


  11. LOL! Dogs do love their toys!
    Mac most of all loves those hollowed-out bone sections with dog caviar(or its equivalent) stuffed inside. He takes it to his special place and that can go for 45 minutes….not a toy but satisfyingly time consuming 🙂


    • Those bones are terrific and she will definitely be finding one under the tree this year. Then maybe she’ll let me throw out some of the others she has lying around. We have way too many bones for a one-dog household. 😛


  12. We only do Kong toys in our house. Anything soft is destroyed in seconds (including rope toys … they just end up a big shredded slobbered-on mess). Tennis balls are a big treat for them though. Melanie tears huge chunks off and throws them around, but Nemo likes to ever so gently remove the fuzzy layer so he has this ugly inner ball (that Melanie then rips chunks off of…).

    Christmas is the one time of the year though that I actually get them real soft toys – they seriously love ripping out the stuffing and making a mess with it. I say go for the easily destroyed toy Christmas day if that’s what she likes 😉


    • We’ve tried planet dog but they don’t last very long either. Some how she is able to shred them with her teeth. They last for a few days but they are too pricey for such a short time period.

      Thanks for your advice, though. Maybe we just bought the wrong kind?


  13. Treat sticks are one of my favourite dispensing toys. Totally durable and as long as you don’t mind jumping out of the way when it goes flying 😉 my guys really get a kick out of them.

    Fisher the beagle, I took in for the weekend to come up with a treatment plan for him to help desensitize him to the kitchen noises LOVED this toy. For once he was the one in the kitchen making the noise 🙂


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