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First things first, I want to thank everyone who commented yesterday with advice on durable toys. I hadn’t even heard of some of the companies you mentioned and I will have to check them out. Even if it means partaking in the dreaded online shopping world. Shiva may just have to wait until the holidays are over to receive her gift. Somehow, I think she will be okay with that. If not, I could always just toss her a box or a plastic bottle. Sometimes those seem to entertain her longer anyway.

 I wanted to give a special thanks to Helen from Fort Doberdale. Her tips have proven invaluable as far as dog toys go. The Tuffie Toys she recommended may be just what we need. After a quick look I noticed they even have a “Mega” line meant just for dogs hell-bent on destruction. And how cute is this little guy? Hopefully he won’t end up with all his predecessors.

Now it’s time for the more fun stuff. Sadly, I have no cool video to share today. I am working on one showing how I taught Shiva the trick she performed last Friday but as I have zero editing skills it is taking a lot longer than I thought. But do not weep, I have something better to share instead.

I am a totaly sucker for a good “dog saves human” story. Who isn’t? I know most of them are totally corny. I know most of the time the dog is only performing a natural or learned behaviour, like the famous shepherd to tugged on a stick to help pull his owner out of the ice. The dog saved the man’s life but he was his action truly heroic? Probably not. Do I care? Probably not.

I can’t be alone in sobbing as I read about dolphins saving surfers from sharks because there is now a whole television show on the subject, aptly titled An Animal Saved My Life. Obviously there are lots of us sappy fools out there.

That’s why, when I spotted this book, I knew I would have to share it.

Some of you may have dogs of your own that could be featured in a book like this. I, well, I do not. While I love Shiva to bits, I am under no such delusion that one day she will put herself between me and a bear. Cripes, she often uses us as human shields when the pizza delivery person knocks on the door. But that’s okay. She has already saved me in many other ways. I’ll forgive a bit of physical cowardice now and then.

The real-life dogs illustrated in Lisa Wojna’s book are, fortunately for their owners, much more confident in difficult situations than Shiva. While I still don’t know if we can call them all courageous, exactly, they definitely keep a cool head under pressure. While some of their acts make me cry and others make me shake my head in disbelief, I think they all have one thing in common. Every single one of these dogs lives with a lot of heart. They are each unforgettable in their own way. And I think that is something to which we all relate. Even if our own dog is more Marley than Hachiko.

This is the kind of book that is perfect to read on a cold wintry day snuggled under a blanket with your favourite puppy. Or even on a stinky bus during your morning commute while a stranger snores on your shoulder. After a couple of pages, you won’t even notice your discomfort. It is that warm and fuzzy.

Now for the good news! This heart-warming book may be yours! That’s right, I am giving a copy away! After all, I can’t be the only one in the world weeping over Teddy Bear, the breast-cancer-detecting Pomeranian. Seriously.

To win, all you have to do is comment on this post by Sunday night, say midnight EST. Then will do its thing and pick a lucky winner. It’s that easy!

And, I’ll tell you what, if you can give me the link to some super-awesome, free, photo-editing software I will count that as two comments. Just because I’m getting desperate. If that isn’t enough drive for you, then how about some of Shiva’s favourite string-cheese? Yum.

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  1. I always love a good dog book. We had some of the tuffy toys; I think the secret is not to let them play tug with it. Miss M and Mr. B had an octopus, but when they tugged it was torn to shreds. Mr. B’s mini-me’s are from the line of tuffy toys (not as tough as the regular ones), but we taught him how to play gentle with the toy, and it has lasted a lot longer. Of course, I’m sure he would be tons happier if we let him just go at it, but he’s still pretty happy nibbling and licking. Miss M must have dull teeth; she can never destroy anything herself, although she will gladly swallow the stuffing if anyone else does.


    • I worried about that. Most of Shiva’s toys are “tug only” toys because if we let her chew them they will disintegrate instantly. But if they don’t even last while tugging… There is no hope.

      Poor Miss M! I am so thankful Shiva only rips at stuffing and never ingests it. How did you teach Mr. B to be more gentle?


  2. Yeahh… a 10 scale tuffy toy only lasted 20 in our house, much like Kari. I had so much hope, too. I have given up my search for “cute” toys and now Mak just gets kongs and kong spinoffs. But he doesn’t seem bothered by this. 🙂

    However, when I do crack and buy a cute toy thinking i will be able to hide it from Mak or use it with our soft-mouthed Chai when he isn’t looking, the second he sees/smells/hears it come out of the bag, he is ON IT. It’s like the best day ever. So on occasion I bring him crappy soft toys just to see him get all excited. Course it always ends the same…

    RIP: Squishy moose. Squeaky squirrel. Platypus with squeaker. Stuffed hedgehog. Squeaky doggy. Etc, etc.


    • LOL. Shiva is much the same. It’s like she just knows there is something in the bag for her.

      Even the platypus? Sigh. Oh, Mak.


  3. For photo editing – I use Picassa 3 – it’s a free download and has a movie or slide show option – Chris uses this one too
    As for dog toys – Senta our german shepard used to like logs or the cat haha


  4. The best toy I have found is a Wubba – it is a Kong product and comes in different sizes. My late great adoptable Harry LOVED his Wubbas to death – in his relatively short time here, he went through about 4 with 2 more hanging out at friends’ homes. It is not indestructible but does last….longer than seconds :). I am horrible at editing. Please share any software you find – I’ll check out Picasa 3 as I have Google. Good luck!


  5. I think Dante would surprise me, especially after he tried to attack Mr. Same Same one time when we were play fighting. Not that his 13 pound frame would help me at all… 🙂 Would love to win a copy! isn’t bad at all.


  6. Kristine! I just put 2 and 2 together and actually got 4! I hadn’t realized until earlier today that the kristine that’s been commenting on our blog, is Shiva’s Kristine. Sometimes I can be really sloooooooow on the uptake!

    I use Picasa 3, too. but I wouldn’t call it awesome. I loaded Photoshop but haven’t had the fortitude to work my way through it. Maybe with winter here, and nothing else to do

    The sock definitely kept Stumpy from mutilating the bottle!
    I’m thinking I may try a liter size bottle, as it won’t be as easy for her to hold. I don;t know where I’d get a sock to fit a liter bottle, though. Be sure to poke a hole in the bottle so it won’t form a vaccum.

    Stumpy and me


  7. I don’t know whether my dogs will protect me when I am attacked or not but no matter what they bring me happiness and comfort and they listen to me attentively when I make some random complains and they sit beside me when I am upset. I think these are what I need the most.

    I just heard a true story about a Muslim lady who has 16 dogs yesterday. According to Muslim laws, dog is one of their forbidden animals so most Muslims don’t like dogs and of course, very rare of them keep / raise dogs. Their favourite pets are cats. This lady had no dogs in her life before, she worked somewhere in town and always parked her car in one of the office car parks. One day she saw 4 dogs chained somewhere nearby the carpark, they looked tiny and miserable. She didn’t pay attention to them and walked to her office. For the next few couple of days, she saw them everyday and one day, she decided to get them some food so when she went out for lunch, she got the dogs some lunch too and she started doing this more and more often. The dogs were always chained there, it seems they belonged to nobody so the carpark guard chained them there and randomly gave them some food as it was in the downtown, he was worried that the dogs might cause trouble to the public. One day, this lady met the car park guard and he told her that the dogs refused to eat his food anymore, they only ate when she gave them food. She kept on buying them lunch and it lasted for a few months. One evening, after work, she walked to the carpark and there she had an argument with her boyfriend and he beat her up. There, the 4 dogs which were chained somehow managed to get rid of the chain and they ran to her and stood in between the lady and her boyfriend. All 4 of them faced the man and growled at him until he left out of their sight. At that moment, the lady decided to bring them home,. Nobody came to her rescue but the dogs!!! The dogs didn’t mind she is a Muslim, they protected someone who fed them everyday. To them, she is their protector too. Now, this lady has 16 dogs and she loves everyone of them. She helps out a lot in our local SPCA too.

    Btw, I wonder what I’d do if my Eva finished her toys as fast as Shiva! Shiva has very VERY sharp teeth though !!!


  8. Some really inspiring stories, Kristine…have you heard some of the tales attached to our Dickens Medal, here in the UK? Its given to heroic animals who help in war situations. Even pigeons. But the latest recipient is a dog.


  9. The bull terrier of a friend of mine detected breast cancer in my friend’s mother each time it reoccurred. The dog would run to the door for a greeting, sniff the mother, and then go hide–scary for all of us. I have no doubt that all dogs can smell these changes in our chemistry but not all react in overt ways.


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  11. I see I am late to the party!! Just wanted to comment on the water bottles. Have you ever put a large pop bottle outside on the snow? Becky and Kodee go nuts as it slips out of their reach and flies across the snow and icy patio.

    I am getting ready to snuggle down for some winter reading so I will have to check out a few books your recommending!


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