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The holidays around here are pretty low-key. As I’ve mentioned, we are pretty far away from our extended family and it has not yet been possible for us to travel back home. So it’s just me, the practically husband, and the animals. The quiet is nice. I am lucky enough to get the time between Christmas and New Year’s off each year. Since the man is usually stuck working, I look forward to this week as a time to re-charge a little. Maybe get some cleaning done, maybe not. Maybe do some training, maybe not. It’s all up to me. There are no deadlines, no people waiting on me, I can work – or not work – as I please. In our current productivity-driven society, this is a rare opportunity. I like to exploit the heck out of it. You can understand, no doubt.

Last week, the week before Christmas, was nutty. For some reason, everything felt rushed. We even found ourselves at the grocery store minutes before closing on Christmas Eve. Normally, I think, we are a lot more prepared. I’m not sure why this year was so behind. Every year the day seems to arrive a lot faster than expected. Is it just that we are getting older?

This week I am going to try to enjoy some of the seasonal things I missed out on by rushing around. For one thing, other than a couple batches of tarts, I didn’t do any baking this year. Which makes me sad as it is one of the things I usually enjoy the most. I can still make gingerbread people  after the 25th, right? And shortbread. And rice pudding. And sugar cookies. And. And. And. I also have a lot of reading to catch up on. Both blog reading and book reading. So I am sure I will be doing a lot of that while snuggling with the puppy under my new Christmas blanket. Sounds like a lovely little holiday to me!

I don’t know if you noticed, but to the left I posted a count-down clock. Wild Dingo’s counter gave me the idea. One of Shiva’s presents this year was the Ultimate Tug-O-War toy, from Tuffy’s Level Nine Scale. I know some of you warned me even these strong toys may not last very long but when we spotted this one in a local store, we figured it would be worth a shot. Thus far, it is still intact. This is probably because Shiva has so far been much more interested in her marrow bone than in a non-edible tugger. Typical. However, now that the bone has been scraped of all its yumminess, I figure the new toy will become much more interesting. That’s why I am trying to keep it out of her reach as much as possible. The Tuffy website clearly indicates their toys are meant to be interactive and not just for simple chewing. Therefore, I am going to try to make this a fair experiment and only let her have it while we play together. This rule has not saved other toys but it has made them last longer than a few days. Hopefully the Ultimate Tug will set a new record.

I am not expecting much.

But I digress. As a wrap up to the weekend, here is a video I attempted to put together of the animals enjoying their gifts on Christmas morning. My sister has commented on how I often neglect to include The Cat in many of my photos, so I made sure to take some footage of him as well. Just to satisfy her. Aren’t I sweet?

I’ll figure out this editing thing one day, I promise.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend! What were your favourite memorable moments?

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  1. She is so dainty opening her present!! I have a video on my blog of the ABSOLUTE CHAOS of the dogs on christmas RIPPING into their presents LOL! I’ve had really good luck with the Tuffies brand toys… but I don’t just leave them laying around the house as chew toys. They come down to play tug and as toy option for a while, but they are not always available and that has helped them last for longer than normal.


    • Other than bones, we don’t leave any of Shiva’s toys lying around. If we did, I am pretty sure she wouldn’t have any left. Also we are still working on tug drive and I worry making them easily accessible would diminish their value.

      I was surprised by her restraint as well. Perhaps all our calm training has paid off?


  2. Shiva was so dainty opening her present it’s hard to believe she’s the goddess of destruction you claim! : )

    Looks like everyone had a beautiful day!

    I come from a family where we had no traditions. Sometimes we celebrated holidays and sometimes we didn’t. Sometimes we’d go out and sometimes we’d stay home.

    I’ve worked hard to create traditions as an adult we can rely on every year and my favorite is when my husband reads A Christmas Memory by Truman Capote. It’s a wonderful story and a great reminder of the simple pleasure of friendship at Christmas.

    Hope you have a great week off!


    • I was as surprised as you are! The pieces of chicken liver we tied to the ends may have had something to do with that. All her puzzle training has taught her calmness generally wins out over craziness. But who knows?

      I have since looked up this story after you mentioned it. It sounds like a lovely way to keep holiday tradition. I have enjoyed creating my own as well the last few years.

      Thanks for everything!


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  4. Have a great week off…. We had a very low key weekend, but productive. I spent Saturday polishing silverware and baking cookies. Yesterday as a blizzard hit the beach, I made meatballs, sauce and pea soup, while Marc made a fire. Since it is so wicked out, I am working from home…..


    • Polishing silverware? Really? Golly. 😉

      Meatballs, sauce, pea soup, and a fire. Sounds pretty wonderful to me!

      I think we were supposed to get the same storm here in Nova Scotia that you had down there. Fortunately the snow turned into rain and we got off easy. I hope it clears up for you soon!


  5. I always love my time off after the holidays the best. I need it to recharge because frankly, the holidays kick us in the ass! It’s beyond busy for us, and I can’t imagine being able to be a functioning human being at work after it all.

    Hmm… Favorite memories? Dragging a dead deer fifty yards across my stepgranny’s yard… Watching the dogs get their gifts Christmas morning… Spending time with hubby getting things ready… Going to the dog park the day after Christmas with the pups!


    • Me neither. There is so much to do. It’s nice to have a chance to just relax and take it all in.

      Those all sound like great memories, certainly unique! Yay for the dog park. If the weather had been less rainy, we would have headed there ourselves!


  6. Your plan for your time off sounds absolutely divine. I wish I had a few days off after the holiday to actually relax and recoup from the holiday! No plans, no deadlines… sounds great. Hope you enjoy it!


  7. Hi Kristine, just been catching up on your christmas posts. You’ve been busy!

    Cuddling under a new blanket sounds like a lovely way to spend the holidays. I am doing pretty much the same, without the blanket because it’s too hot for that here.

    I just saw the pic of you with shiva. She look pretty big there! Somehow I always thought of her as being quite a small dog. Also, I love that your tree angel is a…malamute? You’re SUCH a dog person! :p

    Have a great week xox


  8. I am jealous Kristine! A whole week off to rejuvenate? I could used a week like that! I also felt really rushed this year. I don’t know if I was in denial about how soon Christmas was coming or what, but I was glad when I finally finished wrapping the last present… on Christmas Eve at 11 PM!

    I also do some baking, but not this year. 😦

    Thanks for sharing your great video of Shiva and your kitty. I always have a laser pen with me for my cat clients. They all seem to love it. Shiva obviously could care less since her bone was of utmost importance! Daisy and Jasper are usually too afraid to open presents – unless it smells good. Daisy got a new Wobbie (stuffed toy) and Jasper got a Kong Wubba. Merry Christmas!


  9. I bet your house will smell delish with all the baking you plan on doing. Loved watching Shiva open her gift. She’s so gracious. And the cat seems to thoroughly enjoy his new red dot. 🙂 Enjoy your week off!


  10. Love the videos – I can’t edit worth a darn. Hmm..best Christmas tradition was Danish Chicken Soup with dumplings (which were like matzo balls). And my mom made fudge the first real snow day of the year – it had to stay on the ground and be more than a good inch (we grew up in MN and SD). My late brother-in-law, on the farm, would watch the weather and when it was right, they would all come into town for fudge. Have a great week – I asked for Holy Week off – not as stressful but will be a nice focused break…I hope. Bake on!


  11. Shiva was so gentle and sweet this time!!!

    Your Christmas time sounds packed and busy but the week off sounds really great! We are not celebrating our New Year because Rosie is leaving for the UK on the 4th, we keep everything really low-key from now on and treasure every minute being together! My two doggies are going to miss her a lot too!!!


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