11 Things I am Giving Up in 2011

The week of top ten lists is upon us. Top Ten Books for 2010, Top Ten News Stories, Top Ten Sports Moments, Top Ten Wildest Moneky Videos, etc. It is also the week of resolutions. I’ve never been a fan of those. To me New Year’s Resolutions are mostly empty promises made by people who think they need to make changes in their lives, changes they don’t really believe in or desire. Because if they did believe in them, why would they need the cliche of the New Year in order to accomplish them?

This list isn’t about starting fresh or quitting smoking or losing ten pounds. It is more a compilation of the things I have been thinking about and working on for years. Things I have been trying to leave behind me and only now do I feel I am on the right path. It is a reminder to keep trying. It is a declaration of how far I have come. Alongside my life list, this is not a resolution, it is a mission statement.

1. Regret for things I did or did not do from 1982 to 2010. Some regret is just human, but some, like wishing I hadn’t wrote that note about my fourth grade teacher, are just ridiculous. Time to let go, methinks.

2. Guilt. Guilt for crating my dog when I leave the house even though I know it is where she would rather be. Guilt for not calling my Grandmothers enough before they died. Guilt for breaking the peach in my mother’s porcelain fruit basket. Guilt for preferring to spend time with my dog than other people. Guilt for loving cheese just a little bit more than normal.

3. All of the crap sitting in our closets. I am not a hoarder and I am not all that sentimental about my things. In fact, I always get a little thrill when I throw something away. Is that weird? But I am often too lazy to actually go through things. It’s time to pour myself a glass of wine and have some fun.

4. Negative self-talk. Some of this is normal but if I give myself free rein I can take it to harmful, debilitating levels. I am doing better, much better, and I am ready to cut the ties.

5. Fear of fear. I am a coward. I know this. I know when a new challenge appears I am going to be afraid. But knowing that I am going to be scared is not enough of a reason not to attempt it anyway. Besides, like when I went zip-lining this past fall, it is often the first step that is the hardest to make. Rather than let fear defeat me before I get up the hill, I am going to use the feeling as a reason to try something new. If I’m scared of something, I have to do it.

6. Feeling silly for being so dog-obsessed. There is nothing wrong with taking one’s pet to see Santa or having more photos of my dog on my computer than anyone else. I can’t believe I ever used to think otherwise. 

7. All of my socks with holes in them. If I have to buy all new socks for 2011 then so be it.

8. Poor-quality cheese. Life is just too short to eat Cracker Barrel. It is also too short to drink Budweiser. Crappy beer and cheap cheese are definitely getting dumped this year.

9. Trying to change the essence of who I am. I can now say I am officially done with wanting to be someone else. It took a long time but I believe I am finally at the point where I have accepted the person I am. And all that entails. Instead of changing myself, I need to learn how to twist my flaws into strengths.

10. Trying to keep my dog off the couch. It’s just not happening. At this point, the “no animals on the furniture” rule has pretty much been stomped into the ground. I am still going to attempt to require her to ask for permission first, but I know this isn’t going to last either. Oh well.

11. The hope of ever sleeping in until nine ever again. It’s just not going to happen and it is time to move on.

Is there anything you are giving up or chucking out as the year ends? Have you made a New Year’s resolution that you are determined to stick to? Or, as the PH likes to say, have you quit quitting?

29 thoughts on “11 Things I am Giving Up in 2011

  1. I would like to second a couple of your things as my things: totally giving up the guilt, I am a guilt master, that needs to end.

    need to get rid of crap, too. Also need to stop negative-self-talk, also need to get rid of fear of fear… actually, all of your things could be things on my list.

    Weeeirrddddd…. *cue twilight zone music*

    Was that too cheesy? It felt too cheesy…

    Oh well, go team!


  2. Our lists are eerily similar. I’m not big on resolutions; I break them, then feel guilty! Instead, I try setting goals. Guilt, regret, negative self-talk, all those are on my list. The sleep thing, though? I’m so not ready to let that one go! 🙂


    • Agreed. Goal-setting tends to be much more productive.

      I’m a morning person for the most part. But every now and then the urge to linger in bed comes over me. Sigh. It is not to be.


  3. Many items of your list would be on mine too — hey, why do you think I had to establish a guilt free zone on my blog! I don’t care that much about the socks and I think I don’t have to do things I’m afraid of — unless they impact my life. Zip lines, not so much. I’ve also discovered I’m a morning person, and my dog — whom I sometimes have to lure up on the couch — definitely is.

    But I’m here to talk about beer. If you have a Trader Joe’s near you, try their Good Times brand, which comes in both Pilsner and Lager varieties and is ridiculously cheap as well as good. It comes in a can — which I’m told is better for the beer than bottles — and looks generic so my new year’s resolution is to stop being embarrassed by drinking beer which is good but looks tacky.


    • Sadly, no Trader Joe’s in the Great White North. But I appreciate the recommendation. I didn’t know that cans were better for beer than bottles. Huh. Normally I’m not picky as to the container, it’s all about what is inside. I think your resolution is perfect, and one I wouldn’t have difficulty sticking with! Good luck!


  4. Love this list, I’m with you on so many of them, sister! I definitely got over feeling silly about doing things with my dog – mostly by realizing just how many people are like me in that respect (thanks, bloggers!). 🙂 I’m not doing resolutions so much as just general directions that my life is moving in, anyways.


  5. Been away for a few das, so just caugt up on you posts. Looks like you’ve had a nce few days. Love the phots and vids.

    I just want t enjoy life. I’ve spent too long sitting around waiting for something to happen.


  6. That’s a great list, Kristine! I’m totally on board with an alternative to resolutions; and most of your dumpage. Being quite a bit older, I dumped alot of that earlier and am still working on others.
    Your interview on Coffee With a Canine was excellent!

    I didn’t realize you were in NS. I’ve spent quite a bit of time in NS, NB and PEI. At one point, I thought I would retire somewhere up there!


  7. I love your list, Kristine, you’ve covered so much I would resolve. I shall always be dog-obsessed, and Macaulay will never stop getting all the sofa (although he does, these days, have the grace to look shamefaced when I find him on it).


  8. I’m impressed that you’ve put this list together at your tender age! I’m still working on 1,2,4 and 5 and probably will till the day I die! In some ways, georgia’s blog helps me with 5.

    Have a great day 🙂

    p.s. I’d like the other half to work on 3 and 10!


  9. Um, so, here’s the thing. I didn’t know there was such a thing as crappy cheese. Nope. I really, truly didn’t. Do you think the cheese from the can counts as crappy cheese cuz I LUV that stuff and I think that my head might explode if there’s actually BETTER cheese out there!

    I likes all the things you’re giving up. All very good things and my mom says that she can totally identify with lots of them. Especially the part about having more dog pictures than anything else.

    As for me, I’m gonna try – with my mom’s help – to not be so worried abouts other doggies that I don’t know. That’s a hard one but I’m gonna give it my best shot!

    Wiggles & Wags,


  10. Bwaaa ha! I love your list! Number six is my favorite, I think, but I like a lot of them!

    I try to eat things that are healthy for me, but I resolve to enjoy just a little more cake this year. Life’s just too short!


  11. This is one of my favourite posts!!!
    To be frank, many of them are on my list too but I wonder how many of them I can achieve. Well, the old saying is ‘where there’s a will, there’s a way’.
    I’m glad to get to know you : )


  12. We have a lot in common. I could use the same list, with the exception of cheap beer/cheese. I gave those up years ago. I all for good beer and good cheese! Oh, and we shopped for a sofa large enough for us and the dogs. The more the merrier. Happy New Year to you and Shiva!


  13. There is something wrong with wearing sox with holes in them? uh oh! Those are my favorite kinds… although Marc always torments me when he sees me wearing them. Yah to good cheese… Life is too short! happy new year!


  14. What a great list. Unfortunately, I feel guilty already for not coming up with such a great exercise for myself. : )

    I guess what I most need to get rid of is the feeling that I have to be good at everything. It’s better to be mediocre at something worth doing than excellent at things that may not be worth doing at all.

    Here’s wishing you a great year filled with good cheese and beer!


  15. It’s hard to make “resolutions” when you’re already perfect! LOL! (That’s my response to people who ask which ones I’m making for New Year. Feel free to use it too!) On your list, I like the one about beer. I resolve to drink more beer even if it is “fattening”. It’s got good stuff in it too. And we have a number of micro breweries on the island. Already have the cheese and dog addiction, I hereby resolve to be less guilty feeling about it.

    I think this is a great list Kristine. Thanks for sharing it…and good luck!


  16. Well gee, I hate to repeat what everyone else said but you do have some goodies! Out with Guilt and Negative talk in all forms. I have been working on that and improvements have been made but there is still room for growth!
    Get rid of crap! I keep a donation box in the garage and add to it frequently…need to ramp that up.
    Cheese, oh how I love cheese…and I must admit I like the stinky French ones! And Agur Blue with Beechers Flagship crackers and a good bottle of red wine.


  17. While I don’t have any crap to throw out, I am a master of negativity. It waxes and wanes as bad things come and go in my life, and frankly, it just too exhausting to be happy *all* the time.

    Every once in a while, splurge on roquefort cheese. It’s expensive but so yummy!!


  18. Awesome goals. I love the stop negative self-talk one. It’s so easy to fall into this trap even though we don’t deserve it. And I should really take up #7 too. It’s really embarrassing.


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