Top Ten Posts for 2010, Sort Of

The venerable Dr. V. of Pawcurious is hosting a blog hop today that features our favourite posts from 2010. You know how I feel about contrived top ten lists but I thought it would be fun to participate nonetheless. Naturally, the rule-follower I am, I am going to have to put my own shake on things.

First, here are the five posts I had the most fun writing. Because that’s what I’m all about: having a good time.

Maybe She’s a Jack Russell Terrier

I have heard more suggestions since writing this post that I could include now. The funniest being a Beagle. Really?

Visualize: BE the Dog

I don’t do this enough, even mentally. I don’t think enough about everything we have accomplished because I am too pre-occupied with all the things we have yet to do. (Dang weave poles!)  Back in our first obedience class, I remember staring in wonder as the trainer got her dog to jump in the air to nose-touch her hand. The PH and I were both floored. I never thought I’d be able to get Shiva to do something so cool. And now… That trick seems so mundane. It’s kind of crazy.


Speaking of cool tricks… I was so proud when we nailed this. She does it on a verbal cue alone now. Yay!

On a Late Summer’s Eve

I haven’t seen this little girl since but I think about her every time we visit that park.

Life List #54: Go Swimming With My Dog

This was obviously more fun to do than it was to write about. But it was a big moment for all of us.

Okay, now it is time for my favourite part. Here now are five posts I have enjoyed reading in 2010 – in no particular order, and in no way is this list complete, I just had to stick to a specific number otherwise this post would be way too long and I’d be here till New Year’s 2011 (kind of like this run-on sentence):

The Puppiness Project: Expect the Best From People via Something Wagging This Way Comes

I love this idea for a blog series, so much that I kind of wish I had thought of it myself. This one is my favourite so far as it aligns so closely with the way I have tried to think lately. The mantra “we are all doing the best we can” really stuck with me.

The Dangers of Quitting via Fido & Wino

I don’t often laugh out loud when reading at work, but I did this time. In fact, I just laughed now and disturbed Shiva’s mid-morning nap.

Ugly Dogs via Little Dogs on Long Leashes

This post really resonated with me. Perhaps because physical appearance has always been a sensitive topic. It’s good. You should read it.

An Open Letter to Nathan Winograd via Will My Dog Hate Me

So true, so heartfelt, from someone I think is awesome at telling it like it is.

The Small Fearful Dog Therapist via Kenzo the Hovawart

I am pretty sure everyone has already read this because it is such a lovely illustration of a dog’s altruism. I had a hard time choosing between this one and I’ll Run At Your Side but went with Kenzo because his post made me smile instead of sob. (You will definitely ugly cry if you read the other link. Only click if you are alone. Trust me.)

That was a LOT harder than I expected. I am leaving so many posts out! Five is much too small of a number. If you are not included but I have commented on your site, know that you are a favourite. And if I have not commented on your site, you are probably also a favourite, I am just to shy to say anything yet.

To ease my guilt I am going to go read some of the posts other people have listed on the blog hop. And eat chocolate.

20 thoughts on “Top Ten Posts for 2010, Sort Of

  1. So kind of you to also look at blogs you read. Thank you so much for mentioning the “The Small Fearful Dog Therapist”. It is a very special story to me as it tells who Kenzo is within and what dogs are capable of. It thrills me you have it as part of your top 10.

    I only recently discovered your blog so I am way behind, I do some more reading on your recommendations 🙂

    Thank you Kristine, and have a Happy New Year!


  2. It’s funny, when I first read Dr. V’s challenge on Facebook, I wasn’t clear on whether she meant favorite of all blog posts or favorite of my own. I figured I couldn’t possibly choose only 10 posts that I loved in 2010 or if I did it would take me all day and I’d get even less work done than usual.

    Then I saw she meant our own posts. That was far more manageable. So I am doubly impressed that you pared it down to five and doubly flattered that you included one of my posts among them! I read all the others — including yours — that I hadn’t read. Thanks for the good reads. Now I really need to get back to work.


  3. I’ve only been reading your blog for a little while, so I’m goiing to go back and read these posts and check out the others, later!

    I don’t think I’d part with Stumpy for even a day. But your welcome to send Shiva out any time, for a visit! We can always use an extra dog to help relieve some of Stumpy excess energy and one that could keep up with her is a definite plus!


  4. What a great list. I love how you focused on Shiva’s wonderful accomplishments over the year.
    Bravo on giving props to other bloggers as well. I think I would have been up all night and had to do a Top 50 if I gave it the attempt!!


  5. Oh, how fun! I’m gonna keep this post “unread” cuz I most definitely want to go back and read all of those when my mom has time to sit down with me. They all sound pawsome!

    Wiggles & Wags,


  6. Dear Kristine, I was wondering why people were suddenly reading ugly dogs! Now I know. Thank you for your mention. I wish I’d known about this list… I really should spend less time cooking and cleaning and more time reading blogs :p

    Who knows? I might find a spare hour later. Have a wonderful new year! xox


  7. Hi Y’all!

    My Human is still strugglin’ to get the computer stuff stuffed back into the computer. At lease she got the blog thingy I use back so I could put up the rest of my post! It’s long, but there is also good news in it about some other featured homeless Chessies.

    How do y’all pick out just 10 posts as favorites? When I read y’alls blog…I just don’t know how y’all picked! I love all y’alls posts!

    Hawk aka BrownDog


  8. The little girl in the park-AWESOME!!
    Love the guess the breed story.
    Very cool about visualize the dog. It sounds as if you’ve both come a long way together. I like where you said about focusing on what you and Shiva can do and not what everyone else is doing. Very true. I fall into that trap sometimes and always feel further behind than everyone having so many dogs. Thanks for reminding me for looking at the positive and how each of my dogs and myself have grown and changed for the better.

    Have a Happy New Year.


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