May As Well Embarrass Myself One Last Time

As my last post for 2010, I thought I would clean up some unfinished business.

When I shamelessly showed off one of Shiva’s newer tricks, a few people commented, asking how I trained it. After a lot of hard work and swearing, I think I have finally completed a video for you all. It’s not a good video but it’s a video. Thanks to all who recommended the free editing software. Whatever massive flaws you find in the footage I am about to show, they are all due to my incompetency. I learned something today. It is not the technology. It is all me.

At least Shiva enjoyed her cookies!

Like with most things, I had much more luck using a hand signal than a verbal cue at first. I would rub my nose with my hand while giving the verbal cue and that seemed to help her understand what I was asking a lot faster. As I mentioned before, I am sure there is a better way to train this; I just couldn’t find one that worked. But if anyone has used a different method, please let me know! We were stuck at the “object on her nose” stage for a long time, which is one of the reasons I gave up for awhile. If this trick wasn’t so adorable, I would at least be grateful for learning I need to stick it out for as long as it takes.

Also, if you have already finished reading all the fantastic posts from Pawcurious’ blog hop, and are completely at a loss with what to do next, Shiva and I were lucky enough to be interviewed for Coffee with a Canine. There are a lot of cool stories on that site and it is an honour to have ours now listed among them. A great finish to an interesting year!

I hope you all have a wonderful time celebrating tonight, if you choose to do so. And simply just a wonderful night if you do not choose. Like our Christmas, it will just be me, the practically husband, the furry ones, and a couple of glasses of whatever we feel like at the time. If I make it to midnight it will be a New Year’s miracle.

13 thoughts on “May As Well Embarrass Myself One Last Time

  1. I’m thinking that tape would push Stumpy right over the edge! I’m going to try it anyways, though!

    I followed a link to the pawcurious blog, from here, yesterday! What a great read! Thanks!


  2. I finally found your blog….you’ve been leaving me comments on mine, but I didn’t know where to find you. I’m slow.

    Shiva does a really cute shy. I tried teaching Oreo with tape on his nose, but he just got pissed off at me. One night, my husband blew in Oreo’s face (real nice, I know), and Oreo did “shy”. I thought, “Brilliant idea!” I guess you could say we captured that trick. Oreo learned very quick what the word “Shy” meant, so he could avoid having our smelly breath all over his face.

    Happy New Year!


  3. happy new year! I hope you have a very happy one! I am jealous of your night.. that is exactly how I love to spend new years. We are heading out to dinner with friend’s, with a 9:00 reservation (marc is napping now). Once I get there, i will have fun.. but until then, I will still be jealous!


  4. omg! how clever is that? i have to admit that, since seeing shiva being shy in your old post, we’ve been trying to teach georgia the trick. it would be great if we could at least pretend she’s shy!

    georgia naturally likes to cover her face with both paws so we always time our “are you shy?” to her doing that. but treats, tape and tapping on the nose? genius!

    of course for the next few days, until her wound heals, we’re trying to teach her NOT to scratch or touch her face at all.


  5. Okay, seriouslys…Shiva is SO ADORABLY CUTE! Um, but you prolly knew that.

    Thank you for that movie. I think I might have to try to train my mom on that one.

    Happy New Year to all of you! I hope it’s filled with lots of laughs and fun and CHEESE!

    Wiggles & Wags,

    PeeS. Thank you for your comment on our bloggie today. It most certainly does sound like you and my mom are lots alike. One of the things that mom says has really helped her while we’re doing all this work together is something our pawsome trainer told her: Love and appreciate the dog you have…not the dog you WISH you had. Now to me this is kinda obvious but my mom seems to find it Most Profound. 🙂


  6. ‘Shiva’ is the best name for Shiva, it’s so unique and so is she.

    Shiva’s ‘shy’ is so cute and adorable. We used to put plaster on
    Eva’s cheek for her to learn ‘shy’. It isn’t really perfect yet and we need to stick something on her cheek in order to remind her on and off but she’s getting there (I hope so : )). I know that some people use scrunchies (those for the hair) to wrap their mouth so when they try to get rid of it, they learn the trick. Your verbal cue is fantastic, Shiva is so clever.

    The interview is really interesting and we are glad to know more about her.


  7. I love that dog. She radiates happiness and she works to hard to achieve. Thanks for a lovely set of posts Kristine, I plan to catch the whole year’s worth next time. Happy New Year!


  8. Wow! I think you did an awesome job training for that adorable trick. I think if I’d attempted that with my dog, she would have gained 20 pounds in treats… and still probably wouldn’t do the trick. 😉 Happy New Year!


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