A Rallying Cry

Today is my last day off before I head back to the daily grind. Winter is a heck of a lot less charming now that the holiday season is over. It’s just cold, dark, and miserable outside. The remaining Christmas lights look more sad than cheerful. Painful reminders that it’s all over and there are no more holidays to look forward to until the spring. Spring. Now that’s at least a hopeful word. Too bad it feels so very far away.

My backyard. Pretty but very cold-looking.

It’s a struggle to stay upbeat during the first few weeks of January. There is a long sludge ahead of me with no chance of another break for quite a while. The only hope I have for a day off is a snow day. And considering it is pouring rain outside, that isn’t seeming very likely. It’s a struggle, all right, but it is one worth making if I am going to get through. Thank goodness for my dog. Wacky Shiva forces me to get up every single day and face the nastiness outside head-on. If it weren’t for her, I would be very tempted to hibernate.

Sleep? Who wants to sleep when there is a world to explore and yucky things to eat?

Karen Walrond over at Chookooloonks wrote a post all about badassery. Her definition of the word was galvanizing.

“Someone who isn’t afraid to wish good things for herself.  Someone who believes she’s worthy of being happy…

Someone who isn’t afraid to make goals, and then once those goals are made, isn’t afraid of taking those first, tiny steps toward achieving those goals… 

Someone who, when bad things happen will not spend valuable time thinking about who did her wrong, or why the world is conspiring against her, but will instead spend that time working through it by taking care of herself, leaning on friends as necessary, asking for help when needed, and treating herself as she would a good friend going through a similar situation.  Someone who, when life knocks her down, does what she can to pick herself up, dust herself off, and try, try again… “

So much of what Walrond said can be applied to many things in life, including dog training. I’ve never been the type to record keep or even to set concrete goals. For the most part, I have gone along winging it with just a vague notion of what I would like to achieve kind of waving in the distance. It’s all blurry. I rarely have much expectation of actually making it there. Even when it comes to the most basic of aims, like teaching Shiva to  shake a paw. I research the best way to do it, I think about doing it, and then I kind of meander along here and there, hoping one day she will learn but not really believing it is possible. It’s a wonder we have accomplished anything with this laissez-faire attitude.

Over the next couple months I am going to try to commit to Walrond’s idea of badassery. When training my dog, writing my blog, and going about my daily routine. Instead of just ducking my head this winter and kind of forcing myself through it, I am going to try to see it as an opportunity. The more we are stuck inside, the more chances I have to work on weave poles. The colder it is, the more I am able to snuggle down and write. The nastier the weather, the more I am able to help cheer people up. It is time to stop excusing my laziness, set some real goals, and celebrate like mad when I reach them.

Who’s with me?

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  1. I love this attitude and I’ll join in! It takes a lot less energy to be positive once you get rolling. One thing I would change is to remove those two “try to” words from your last paragraph. Then we’re really committing to the deal. 😉 Love Shiva’s picture. She’s ready for anything.


    • Nice! I would say I am jealous but since I am trying to change my attitude I won’t. Instead, I’ll just wish you and your sleepy puppies well.

      Okay, maybe I am a little jealous.


  2. I’m in! Does badassery include someone who will kick me in the rear end? ‘Cause that would be handy.
    I think a little laissez-faire attitude is Ok – you know like ‘don’t sweat the small stuff’.
    Wait! Ignore all that! That was just the cabin fever talking! Badassery-yes! Lazy-no!
    P.S. Today is my last day of vacation too 🙂


  3. Yes, I’m so there! With trying to fully launch my photo biz by the end of this month, I’m even more about the goals and rewards process. 🙂 Taking a lot of pointers from Elsie of the “A Beautiful Mess” blog, because that girls gets things DONE. Mr. Same Same and I also decided that this year would be the Year of No Excuses, so that’s what I’m trying to keep in mind too. 🙂


  4. I like the way you think, lady! For me, it tends to be more the doldrums in the beginning of February, but I sure know what you’re talking about. I’m trying to work up the nerve to step out of my comfort zone a bit, too!


  5. Love the attitude – bassassery is awesome! I know exactly where you are at, though. When it’s cold and dark outside and there are no holidays to look forward to, it’s a real downer. You get up to walk the dog – it’s dark. You come home after work – it’s dark. It’s hard to get motivated and I tend to hibernate instead of getting out of the house. The only thing that gets me through is knowing that the shortest day of the year is behind me and that it can only get better – and lighter – from here. 🙂


  6. hmm, “badassery” sound a little like being a Siberian husky! Our human is kinda depressed after the holiday now too, but we think its all good! We manage to drag her outside at least once a day, its for her own health! Its still cold, we still have a little snow– what could be better than that, except for more snow & cold?

    jack & moo


  7. Badassery, I bet it won’t be long before you see that word show up in Webster’s. What a great concept!


  8. That’s the attitude! Lets make Lemonade! Heather is right, the days are getting longer now and spring will come. That is one of the reasons for the Fur Rondy celebration up here in Anchorage… to fight off that cabin fever. That is one of the reasons I wanted a dog… to kick me in the butt and make me get out every day! I’m with ya sister!


  9. OH, I am SO in with you on this. We are having a very mild winter – as long as it keeps snowing and avoids the rain and ice, it will be fine but I, too, find myself hibernating with the sun. Move it, move it, move it – a quote of sorts from my hounds :).
    Badassery in 2011 – yes!


  10. My mom says that you and her ARE a lot alike. She’s totally the same way and she says your postie made her start thinking about how she would like to be a badasser in this year.

    Good luck with your own badassery. We know you can do it!

    Wiggles & Wags,


  11. Hi Y’all,

    We have to head back into the cold country for a few days…don’t want to ’cause sometimes I have as much trouble as my Humans gettin’ around outside.

    By the way, I love to get groomed. Everybody should love gettin’ a back scratch! My feet are ticklish, but Momma doesn”t tickle much. ‘sides I get treats.

    Stay by the fireplace and enjoy lookin’ out the window.

    Hawk aka BrownDog


  12. This is a great way to look at it. I do get so frustrated with the darkness and cold, and I was so dreading going back to school today. But I think it is good to look at it with a different way, and I do have to be thankful to the dogs for at least getting me out of the house each day and seeing our neighborhood in a different way.


  13. Dear Kristine,

    From where I’m sitting in a very hot and sunny place (rub it in :p), you’re one of the least lazy people I’ve ever “met”. If anything, you always seem so busy, busy, busy. From your posts, I can see that Shiva has already learnt so much from the early insane days…if not from YOU, then who?

    In short, I would say, you can already start celebrating.

    Have a lovely day Kristine. I’m sending you some sunshine right NOW! xox


  14. Well at my spunkiest I’m probably not much of a badass but I guess I can try.

    From one winter doldrums gal to another, I know that I would never appreciate the summer nearly so much if it weren’t for the winter. Friends from California tell me they take nice takes for granted. Who wants that?


  15. Badassery – I love this new word. Must go meet the inventor! I am just getting ready to write a post on my challenges for the next year. I hear you. Similarily I have thought up two projects to keep me busy on those “it’s cold there ain’t no way I’m braving the bitterness” days.


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