Tuesday Time-out and an Award

Now that life as normal has started up again, yesterday I tried to get Shiva and I used to taking our walks in the dark. Here she is sporting her ultra-cool reflective vest. Pretty soon all the hipsters will be wearing them.

I’d say she looks pretty stunning, wouldn’t you?

She has an ethereal sort of glow these days. The vest truly brings out her eyes.

You could tell if she would actually look at the camera.

It’s very fitting that I chose today to show off Shiva’s sartorial splendor as Ryker from Ryker Rules was kind enough to bestow us with the Stylish Blogger Award!

I am positive Ryker was thinking solely of the Shivster when he gave this to us as I have never once been accused of being stylish in my whole life. It was very sweet of him, don’t you think? Especially since his blog is one of the prettiest I have ever seen. Thanks Ryker!

27 thoughts on “Tuesday Time-out and an Award

  1. SO cute! I desperately want a jacket for Daphne, but she would hate it. And maybe me. I’m wondering if a jacket is a good way to teach her to loose-leash walk… hmm.


    • My husband actually sewed this together from one of his work vests so it isn’t a “real” dog jacket but I think it’s just as cute.

      I am actually suprised at how accepting Shiva is of the stuff we put on her. As long as it doesn’t get in her way or cover her face, she doesn’t seem to even notice it’s there!

      Good luck with the loose leash walking. That seems to be a constant thing with us as well.


  2. Wowee! I am most impressed with Shiva! She’s like a walking Christmas tree or something. Very fashion furward, if you asks me.

    Congratulations on your awardie. We think you are ALL most stylish.

    Wiggles & Wags,

    PeeS. What is this “loose leash walking” you speak of?


  3. You are both unutterably stylish. Macaulay and I have some serious catching up to do 😀 Shiva looks fab in her coat, and you remind me I should be kitting us both out for our night time runs….


  4. I love that Bunny, Blue and Lilac’s coats have reflective stuff on the back of them. I need to find one like yours for Morgan. She doesn’t need help to stay warm, but I would like her to be more visible at night! The girls here all agree that Shiva is quite a fashionista!


  5. That is one effective vest. You’ll never lose shiva in the dark, that’s for sure! We only have little twinkly things for the collar, but then we don’t get snow storms with low visibility.

    Congrats on yet another award! 🙂


  6. Now I’m shamed, because I have not gotten my lazy hiney out of bed early enough to walk the dog before I go to work. Shiva, you’ve got a wonderful mom. Good thing my dog has a dad who can take him out after sunrise.


  7. Hi! We just started our own blog, and we are going around trying to meet everyone at Pet Blogs United. We like the pictures of Shiva with her glowing vest! We think she looks like an alien!


  8. Hi! We just started our own blog, and we are going around trying to meet everyone at Pet Blogs United. We accidentally posted our last comment under the wrong name! Can you believe that? Mama watches kids sometimes so she made a blog of all the things she does with them. You can look at it if you want. But THIS is OUR blog! Ours is much less boring. 😉


  9. Congrats on the award!

    Enjoy the sparkly coat while you need it. Spring is just around the corner–we’re getting about a minute of extra day light every day!

    Well you gotta have hope.


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