A Tale of Two Lists

After much prompting and cajoling, I finally found this list in Shiva’s crate this morning. The dog does not like to conform, let me tell you.

Thanks, Sheevs. I appreciate your diplomacy. Also, you have to start watching your grammar. No cookies for you!

Yeah, right.

Deborah Flick of Boulder Dog recently wrote a post listing many og the things that fill her dog’s heart with joy. I thought this was a brilliant way to keep positive, despite whatever training issues crop up. It’s also a great way to keep track of the things my dog finds motivating. A potential list of real-life rewards I can pull out if things start to get dull.

1. Dodging trees in the forest – Sometimes dodging, sometimes running straight into them. I love having an off-leash trail so close to home and so does Shiva. In the early morning, when no one else is around, it is the best place to be.

2. Zoomies at the dog park – When we un-clip the leash and tell her to “go play!” Shiva generally interprets that as “go run in wide circles over and over and over again.” It’s more awesome when other dogs join in the chase but she has a blast either way.

3. Chasing birds – This is not something I generally encourage except for that one time I shared a video. But if there is no one around and the birds are located in an off-leash park? Weeeelllll… I can’t stop nature from taking its course, right? Besides, there is no way she’s smart enough to actually catch one.

4. Playing the Find the Toilet Paper Roll game – I am running out of hiding spaces! Shiva loves searching for things, especially things she can eat or destroy. She gets this crazy frantic look on her face as she runs around the house, sniffing every corner and under every piece of furniture. Kind of like how I looked this morning while searching for her Kong. Only much happier.

5. Destroying stuffed animals/shoes/the PH’s socks/boxes/cat toys/anything that is on the floor – I think this all speaks for itself.

6. Tugging with my practically husband – Apparently it is just not as much fun with me. I tire too easily and don’t tug back nearly as hard. When Shiva tugs, she likes to fling her entire body around. The more she growls, the more she is enjoying herself.

7. Agility! Agility! Agility! – When Shiva sees an obstacle, she lunges forward to take it, regardless of the poor human (usually me) holding the other end of the leash. She loves it that much. Shiva is the only dog I have ever seen who will take the teeter from either end.

8. Running – Shiva just likes to run, in whatever form she can. She has a permanent case of the zoomies. Run, race, zoom, jog, dash, sprint, tear, gallop! More, more, more!

9. Marrow bones – The soundtrack to our Christmas this year was the “scrape, chomp, scrape” of Shiva’s teeth against bone. It was a lot more peaceful than it sounds.

10. Meeting new dogs – Shiva loves putting her newfound social abilities to good use. Unfortunately, she still lacks general manners so I don’t let her greet too many we don’t already know. Which just makes her love it all the more.

What do you do to keep the joy alive when your dog is being a cranky-pants? I’d love to hear your suggestions!

Happy Friday!

38 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Lists

  1. Shiva is funny! And I think she has the right idea.

    My toys fill my heart with joy especially if they are furry and they squeak.

    Love and licks Winnie


  2. I luvs BOTH your lists! Eat more stuff is on MY list, too! And I like that you like that Shiva destroys stuff. I’m not very sure that my mom likes that all that much about me – but she still lets me do it.

    Okay, so here’s my list of things that my mom does that makes my heart happy:
    1) When she cups my head in her hands and kisses the top of my head. This is Most Convenient for me cuz my head is very heavy.
    2) That she was more upset about forgetting to take a picture of the teethmarks that I left in her sandwich, rather than the actual teethmarks.
    3) That we have the same sense of humor and it’s really easy to do things that make her laugh.
    4) That even though she leaves in the morning, she always, always comes home every single day.

    Wiggles & Wags,


  3. i’m going to print out shiva’s list and put it on our refrigerator (at dog level) for Lollie and Chick to enjoy. it’s awesome.

    how does she write so neatly without opposable thumbs, though??


  4. Ha ha ha! I love Shiva’s list! *snicker*

    I like your list idea, too. One thing that Morgan absolutely loves is playing hide and seek with me. When I get home from work and after they’ve all been outside I go down to the basement get their food. I hide in different places down there and then call her. She’ll nearly do a backflip and her feet run so hard trying to get traction on the floor that it’s a comedy routine. She runs downstairs and starts her search. When she finds me, her tail goes wild and then she runs back upstairs to start the game again!


    • That is the cutest thing ever! What a great game. Our house is too small for me to find creative places to hide so Shiva bored of hide and seek pretty fast. I love playing it outside in the forest, especially when she ignores me. But I don’t know if she likes it as much as I do. 😛


  5. Some sort of fetch game. Doesn’t matter if it is a ball, toy or frisbee.
    Being chased by another dog is great fun. Bet Ryker would have a fine time racing around with Shiva!


  6. First, thanks for turning me onto Karen W. and her blog/book. Second, love Shiva’s list. Right now, my two Dachshunds’ list would include “actually being able to mate w/Betty Boop.” Betty just went into heat. When she came, we weren’t sure if she was spayed or not; no spay scar but a probable C-section scar :(. She has had enough puppies in her life for sure – now I know, she be getting spayed asap. Hoss’s list would include run, run, run with both Shiva and the Beach Boys. Sheila Sheltie, who is now 14 years old, “pet me, pet me, pet me, oh, and groom me, too.” I have too many dogs to go on….loved the post (obviously).


  7. What a fun-filled list! Indy’s joys of late are pretty sparse, what with his health problems. He naps a lot, but when he feels energetic, runs laps while carrying a toy or plays with Bogey the cat. Just a few simple pleasures.


  8. I love Shiva’s list too! Well, I might wonder who doesn’t like that list! Eva will be one of Shiva’s supporters and followers, I know this is the best list for Eva too!
    Keep the good work and let your mom keep playing and feeding treats to you, Shiva!


  9. Oh shiva! That’s a funny list and your grammar are too good.

    Ms Georgia cranky pants likes to eat too, not just when she’s cranky. And play all day with her friends and not have to come home. Except to eat. She likes a massage and to sleep on Mr Man. But what makes her most happy is when we DON’T pat or pay attention to Mr Thumper. Wicked child.


  10. Shiva is one funny dog! I know our dogs appreciate many things, but the top for Miss M would be any kind of food, and any kind of pets from strangers. Mr. B would just be happy if he could follow E around all day.


  11. Hi Kristine (and Shiva!),

    Charlie and I would like to thank you for your well wishes during our rough time, it made us feel just a bit better, which is really quite a lot.

    My pups’ love your list. But they also want to add stuffed Kongs (we stuff it with ground raw meat) and stuffed dehydrated tracheas (also ground meat). I freeze ’em and they’re at it for a long time. Keeps ’em busy and happy. Charlie’s cracked some teeth on hard bones, so no more marrow bones for my pups.


  12. We love Shiva’s list and we think she should stick to it!! Practice makes perfect. Sounds like something we would write! By the way, when did she learn to write?? How in the world does she hold a pen anyways? We need to write a list like that for Mommy. She’s so forgetful sometimes!! BOL


  13. When the Doodlebug decides to act up, all that’s needed is a quick trip in the car to completely reset his attitude. In fact, all we have to do is mention the car and *bam* instant good dog.


  14. Excellent lists. Especially loved Shiva’s!! Way too cute. Well…we have little energizer puggy Jane Austen Eyre and one of her most favorite things to do is play hide and seek with her mom (my daughter – McKenna) (I’m Jane’s “nanny” because I refuse to be called Grandma!” Anyways, little Janie gets SO excited trying to find McKenna. It is absolutely adorable to watch. Another favorite is ‘boxing’. We will put on a pair of thick (and they need to be thick) winter gloves, and gently pretend to box with Jane. Oh My Goodness… the joy she gets out of that! And long ago with our very first fur baby – Urquell the boxer, we would play flashlight. She LOVES chasing and trying to catch the light. It was really fun.
    Have a super day.
    Joan & Jane Austen Eyre


  15. LOL! I loved the list “Shiva” wrote at the beginning of this post. I think I know a dog or two who can relate. 🙂

    Jasper loves zoomies and racing through trees too. He loves nothing better than chasing other dogs or being chased. He’s so silly, but he always makes me laugh. There is nothing better than watching the pure joy and beauty of a dog having fun, especially when they are running.


  16. “Shiva is the only dog I have ever seen who will take the teeter from either end.”

    Oh my land. I can see this.
    Oh. My.



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