Her Butt is Fine (and a Book Review)

As many people have written in the last few days, tomorrow is Blog the Change for Animals. It is the time where we all think about a cause that is vital to our hearts, write about said cause, and share it with the entire online animal welfare community. I was on the ball enough to take part in October and even helped a wonderful dog find his forever home. You can read about it in the comments. It stuns me that my little space was able to make such a difference in a dog’s life. I am so grateful to his adopters and I hope Fenrus is continuing to do well.

There is still lots of time to join in. Just grab the badge from the Be the Change for Animals website, write your post, and link it up tomorrow morning. Not only will you have done something to help, but you will be joining a pantheon of devoted people who have done inspiring things for animals. The real, hard, on-the-ground work so many people perform is humbling. I can’t wait to read what everyone else has to say.

For some reason I kept thinking the big day was today. Brain still numb from holiday gorging? As such, I didn’t have anything mentally planned to babble about. Furthermore, I am still miserably behind on my blog reading – my reader is in fact no longer speaking to me. We’ve decided to take a break, cool our jets, and then get back together over a cup of tea to try to work things out. Hopefully we can come to some sort of compromise before the day is out.

While I am working on that, I am going to force you to watch, share with you this video of Shiva not performing one of her tricks yesterday. Yep, I said not performing. It looks like a certain trainer has been lazy. Shame on her.

Oh! It turns out there is something for you to read today after all! I recently wrote a review of Steven Kotler’s new book A Small Furry Prayer for All Things Dog Blog and it is up! If you like books and/or dogs, please check it out. I assure you it is much more interesting than this post. And much better written. With less sentence fragments. Do I have to beg?

17 thoughts on “Her Butt is Fine (and a Book Review)

  1. Love Shiva’s video.
    She is really clever and good at those tricks. I can see that Shiva is a very happy girl, she looks so eager and full of enthusiasm too.
    I’m going to read the review right away!


  2. i love the video. if i beg extra nice, will you email me how you taught her the “reverse” command? i would love to teach it to lollie.

    follow our foster: loveandaleash.wordpress.com


    • I wish I could, though she didn’t do a very good job of it when the camera was on. Like at all. “Reverse” is supposed to mean, back up while laying down, like a reverse crawl. Apparently she forgot. Butt is move backward while sitting. 🙂

      But we kind of just put it on a command after she offered it a million times on her own. It took forever to teach her to back up while standing because she preferred to be lazy and sit down. It is another Shiva-ism. All I can suggest is get Lollie really really excited and then try to teach her “back up” and see what happens!


    • Her tail is pretty much always wagging, especially if I look or talk to her. Can’t say it is “happy” for sure but she loves offering behaviours and getting treats (what dog doesn’t?) so I don’t think it was anxious either. She doesn’t frustrate easily. Let’s just call it her “excited” tail wag. 🙂


  3. ROO!!! ROO!!!

    Looks like me last night when my Human was trying to get me to do a weave step. I was so fixated on the treat and got so excited! All I wanted was the treat and took Momma’s entire hand in my mouth to get it! No I didn’t bite her!!!

    What? Oh yes, I finally did do the weave step after I settled down some.

    See y’all,
    Hawk aka BrownDog


  4. Heehee! Shiva goes all out, even when she’s not really all that sure what you wants. I bet when you look up the word “gusto” in that dictionary book, Shiva’s picture is next to it!

    Wiggles & Wags,


  5. Of course the video is wonderful so I’ll just compliment you on the review. I really enjoyed the book too. I loved the way Kotler moved from real life with the dogs into the philosophical discussions. And what a title!

    Congratulations on the guest post and the great review!


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