After the week I’ve had, I am in need of a gratitude post. I am normally pretty good at staying optimistic about things. For a long time I have held a firm belief that everything is always okay in the end. Always. And if things are not okay, then it is not the end. This belief usually keeps me going. It is helping now, but on this freezing cold morning – coldest we’ve had all winter, I think – I may need a little bit of help. It’s so bloody cold out there even Shiva is grateful to be inside. Despite her appearance, she doesn’t chill easily.

Today I am grateful for the stellar dog trainers at Sublime Canine and Flying Tails. Thank you for your patience and kind advice. Thank you for giving your time.

I am also grateful for Shiva, who, for the second week in a row, did not get the zoomies in agility class on Saturday. She didn’t run away even once, even when I knew she probably wanted do. She decided to stay with me every single time we went up in front of the class. Shiva is my star and I have never been prouder. We’ll get the hang of this thing yet!

I am grateful for childhood friends who write funny wall posts on Facebook, reminding me of the crazy times. I am grateful for best friends, the kind of people who would help me move a body. (Brené Brown’s description is so apt.) I am also grateful for former friends, the people I forgot I had in my corner who have proved so valuable. I am grateful for unexpected friends, the kind of people who surprise me with their kindness, especially when others have let me down. And I am grateful for family members who are also friends as I realise not everyone is as lucky.

I am grateful for sunshine, at least it looks cheerful outside. In Nova Scotia, a sunny day is a very special day. One never knows when it will happen again.

Today, I am grateful for Dorie Greenspan and her fantastic cookbook. I have never once had a recipe of hers fail. Thank you, Dorie, for making me and last night’s tiramisu cake a big hit.

I am grateful for socks without holes, hot cups of tea, dogs who play on frozen lakes, and Dvorak’s String Quartet No. 11.

I am grateful for a mind-blowing Blog the Change event. It is just awesome how many people joined in and spoke up for animals. No matter how dark and lonely the world can be, there is also so much good. I am grateful to everyone who reminded me I need to move beyond talking. Thanks for inspiring me to apply as a volunteer for the NS SPCA. No more excuses. Because if I don’t do it, how can I expect anyone else?

Lastly, I am grateful for locally produced, ethically made, delicious cheese from Fox Hill Cheese House. I wouldn’t be able to get my daily fix without them.

19 thoughts on “Gratia

  1. I love this, Kristine! Too many don’t make/take the time to be thankful for what some would call ordinary but really is extraordinary.

    I especially enjoy watching, from afar, Shiva’s growth and your unbound love that lights her path!


  2. What a lovely, happy, grateful post. You have provided a timely reminder that we all have lots to be grateful for – and too often we forget half of it and waste time worrying about things that may well never happen.

    Have a lovely week.

    Love and licks Winnie


  3. A beautiful and meaningful post! There are indeed so many things for us to appreciate and be grateful. I love your positive thoughts and attitudes towards life!
    I’m grateful that I’ve known you over here and am able to read your posts. : )


  4. It is so important to acknowledge those thing we are grateful for in life, especially the small ones…like cheese!

    What a beautiful post. That cake is quite impressive! Maybe I should turn my oven on today, good way to warm up the house on a cold day like today.


  5. Fantastic way to start a Monday and a new week! What a beautiful outlook on life. 🙂 I’m going to have to look up that piece of music. I probably heard it, but don’t know it by name. I’m sure it’s lovely.


  6. What a lovely post! It’s good to write gratitude posts once in a while to remind us of all we have to feel fortunate about. Most of us have more to be grateful for than we realize.

    Happy Monday!


  7. Great post Kristine – I spent half the morning dealing with stupid things – and then had to sit back and think how much better the good things are rather than the aggravating things.
    I am grateful for my family – the men in my life and the wonderful women they have brought in and made a part of our family. I am grateful for natural gas – cause its cold outside – and I am grateful for every morning I wake up on the right side of the dirt. I am grateful for the pets we have had – and for the anticipation of ones yet to come – but most of all – I think I am greatful for being born in this country where everyday we can grow and learn and strive to be what and who we want to be.


  8. Um, wait…are you saying there’s a house made out of cheese? Because I would LUV to live in a cheese house! Do you think the furniture’s made out of cheese, too?

    Okay, where were we?

    Oh, yes. Being grateful. I just luved your list of all the things you’re grateful for. Every Friday, my mom puts on her FB page 5 things she’s thankful for that happened that week. She says sometimes she has to work harder at it than other times but she can ALWAYS come up with at least 5 things and it helps keep her mind in the right place.

    We are very grateful that you shared the things you’re grateful for!

    Wiggles & Wags,


  9. dear kristine, once again, you’ve made me weep, though this is a happy post in its way.

    i hope you have many more sunshine days in your winter, many more daily pieces of cheese, less shiva zoomies, and holeless socks that also don’t slip down.

    But hey, wouldn’t it be great if you could share that bloody marvellous looking tiramisu cake with friends like ME? :p

    hug hug xox


  10. I love being reminded to be thankful for things in my life, big or small! I’m not sure what your struggles lately have been, but I hope the burden lightens soon.

    I did not need to start thinking about cake, though! Curses!


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