Tuesday Time-out

The tiredness is getting to me this morning. Although we have officially made it through “Blue Monday” without serious tragedy and all Shiva’s paws intact, it was still a struggle putting those boots on this morning. Days like this

seem so very, very far away.

At least there is sun!

Perhaps a little too much sun?

I can always amuse myself by throwing a blanket on Shiva’s head.

Yep, I do feel better now.

Shiva can deny it all she likes, but I know she enjoys it too. Especially the cookie-eating part.

11 thoughts on “Tuesday Time-out

  1. Ugh tell me about it. I think we’re on our fourth snow. I lost count. And this time they’re promising frozen rain and “wintry” conditions. Yay for dog walking when the DOGS don’t want to leave the house. I’m pretty sure if I threw a blanket on Emma she’d just fall asleep under it. hehe. I should try the cat.


  2. Shiva…your human is throwing blankets on you!? Like you’re on fire or something…? We guess your human is going a little bonkers because of the weather too. You seem to be fine though. Try to stay warm!

    Elyse and Riley


  3. I really like the photo of your desk with the flowers and sun. It is so tidy compared to mine. These days Cane, the Husky mix, is in love with the weather – he is all energy and I really need to wear shoes I can run in when I am outside with him and the pack – he wants to go, go, go – not bad for a coming 12 year old dog. Shiva, the sun will come again, I promise.


  4. The sun is shining – its 15 below – and I get to go down to the shop and shovel a walkway to get to the shop – I have a snow pile courtesey of the town grader which is as high as the hood of the pickup. When I get into the shop I need to open the big doors and shovel a drift that is about 3 feet tall – both trucks will be in this afternoon. Can I please please please borrow Shiva’s blanket –


  5. My fiancé told me about Blue Monday, which happened to fall on my birthday this year. I took the afternoon off, and we went to the movies. It turned out to be a really nice day. Now I’m ready for spring and summer. Love the photos of Shiva. Stay warm, and know that brighter/warmer days are ahead. 🙂


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