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Thanks again, everyone for your awesome advice regarding dog tags. You bloggers are so smart. I still have yet to decide on one. After reading everything you said, I really want it to be visible because I don’t know how long Shiva will remain close to a stranger. I also want it to reflect her personality. Maybe I am taking this all a little bit too seriously? Many of you also said you would never put your dog’s name on the tag and that has also made me hesitate. On one hand, I want her to feel comfortable enough to go with a person who is trying to help her, but on the other, I certainly don’t want someone to have her for keeps. Though, after Shiva rips through her prized shoe collection I am sure this dognapper would quickly regret her crime. It would be my last laugh. Mwahahaha!

But I digress.

Since it is Friday and I don’t feel like being too serious, I am going to show you a video I actually attempted to edit all by myself. It’s still kind of crappy but one must admit there are improvements.

This is a game I learned from Silvia Jay’s Blog.  She is a dog trainer here in the HRM and I was lucky enough to attend her seminar on communication and play last fall. I have often said to others that I wish I could suck all the knowledge out of her head and mash it onto mine. Everything she says makes so much sense but because I am a silly human, I can never think of it on my own. I think of her as a dog interpreter, if that makes sense.

I will say just one more thing and then promise to shut up. I think this game also is kind of an intro to the Intro to K9 Nose Work, Pamela at Something Wagging has posted on her blog. Over this cold, snowy weekend, I intend on trying out some of her suggestions. Like everything else, Shiva seems to be a natural. It’s hard to believe she is my dog.

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  1. Shiva is really a natural as you said! She is quick and clever and she looks so eager in the video. She always gives me a feeling that she will never give up no matter how hard it is, she will do her best and gets what she wants. A very strong character doggy she is. I guess she has made it very clear to you too but both of you are an amazing pair.


  2. K9 Nosework is SO much fun! It Is one of my FAVORITE cold-day activities to keep the monsters busy and really tire them out. I love that not just my two nutso who like it but I’ ve been able to do the most basic intro w/ my mom’s Shih Tzu, Bandit!


  3. I do this with my dogs, but with toys. It’s SO cool when Charlie can pick out the toy I *just held* from a hidden pile of other toys, even when I switch it up on him last minute. He’s really impressed me with some tough finds.

    I used to work as a sales rep for a raw food company. So one rainy day when there weren’t any people coming in, I played this game with him *in the pet store* where there are like a zillion other smells, and he totally got it. And then I had someone else who worked there hide the toy somewhere so *I* wouldn’t know where it was either, and I put him on a leash and we walked up and down the aisles like he was a detection dog, and like two aisles later he attacked one of the shelves. Lo and behold the toy was hidden behind like 3 rows of the *same exact toy*!!!!!!! Everyone was quite impressed with us =-D


  4. Ack! No video due to limited air/data time while I am camping. I’ll have to check the video out if I get to some wifi! I’ll check out those links, though, for sure!

    One of my fears with regard to Stumpy being lost or stolen is that the people that take her in will realize what a monster she is and then what?


  5. Shoot…I’m gonna have to wait for mom to get home before we can watch the movie but I’m excited to see it! They’re gonna start doing a nosework class where I go to school and I think I’d like it lots.

    One other thing abouts the tag (and somebuddy might have mentioned this on your other postie) but we have a flat tag that attaches to the collar and mom had them put that we need daily medications and to please call our number or take us to the nearest vet. We don’t REALLY need daily medications but she figures that peoples who would think about stealing a doggie prolly wouldn’t want to shell out the green papers for daily medications. Ha!

    We’re gonna be blogging abouts the flat tag and what we say on it here pretty soon but we wanted to be sure and tell you before you ordered Shiva’s tag.

    Wiggles & Wags,


  6. she is such a genius. can you ship her down to me to teach Lol how to scent? our poor little foster lady gets distracted after about 5 seconds!

    follow our foster: loveandaleash.wordpress.com


  7. miss shiva is totally full of the smartnesses! look at how quick like she found the TP roll! i need to woof to my mama about this game cuz i’m all about some noms for rewards. my mama plays a game with me where she hides my tennis ball, and i have to find it. it’s fun and all cuz i LOVE my tennis ball, but there aren’t any noms involved!

    the booker man

    pee s — thankies for votin’ for my new header picture! 🙂


  8. I’ve been following Pamela’s nose work posts, too! I think hubby and Morgan would love it.

    I’m a little late to the dog tag discussion, but we got ours from Red Dingo and LOVE them! They have some very cute designs that should appeal to a lot of different kinds of people and dogs, and best of all, they won’t break the bank. They’re less than $20 US.

    Ha ha! If I had to collect everything I need for our walks, it would take us forever to get out the door! I have a Poop Happens bag (not sure if they’re still in business, and I keep most of our essentials in that. That way I can just grab my phone and keys, throw the bag over my shoulder and head off!


  9. The toilet paper game- that is such a good one! We just play hide and go seek with our dogs because with two I’m afraid they’ll go postal on each other trying to keep the prize away from the other one.

    Have a great weekend!


  10. Kristine! You’re a scream! I love your titles. And yes, you messy woman – go clean up! :p

    Hey, do you think shiva is part some kind of hunting dog? She sure has the nose. Do you think she could make sniffer dog training? Earn some money for her bones?

    Hope you’re having a great weekend. I am falling behind my blog reading as you can see. Better late than never! xox

    P.S. Is it true, some people don’t put their dog names on the tags? How interesting. Is it common for lost dogs to get abducted where you are?


  11. I think your editing looks terrific! I guess people have to keep learning new things just like dogs, huh?

    Shiva has very good concentration. It’s wonderful how she keeps going even when she couldn’t find the treats in the first few seconds. All the work you’ve done together certainly comes through.

    Thanks for the shout out to the blog, BTW. Maybe we can start a new trend of people playing nose games with their dogs at home.


  12. Isn’t it interesting how much mental energy and time we put into things that our dogs could care less about! I’m as guilty as the next person, of course, but posts like this make me realize how funny I can be.

    This morning as we headed off to the dog park, Oliver needed a sweater on this chilly Florida day. He shivers when it gets cold, probably due to little body mass. My husband always teases me about his sweaters. Funny thing is everyone at the dog park complimented it on how cute it was. Everyone meaning the humans; the dogs didn’t seem to care. Go figure!


  13. On the subject of ID tags, back in 1995 when I got my first dog, the standard practice was to tattoo your social security number on the dog… talk about identity theft opportunity! I’ve often been tempted to write my great american detective novel about dognapping for the social security numbers…


  14. While I was watching the video I was thinking “Gee, I wish my home was that tidy, lol!” Well done you and Shiva. Will have to start saving the toilet paper rolls instead of giving them to Frankie and Beryl to destroy … and mess up my lounge room:)


  15. Hi Kristine, what an awesome game. We always play “find it” which we play more as a puzzle game. (putting treat in difficult container that they try to get out) So I tried yours, by making them sit and stay and then hiding it in the other room and they had no problem finding it! How cool is that!! Thanks for showing us how you do it and for the great suggestion!


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