Gold Star!

Last post about dog tags, I promise.

After a lot of thought, a lot of back and forth, a lot of opening and closing of my laptop, I think I have finally decided on a tag for Shiva.

via Urban Puppy’s Etsy Shop

I think she has earned the title. Yesterday was the third class in a row in which Shiva stayed with me the entire time. Something has clicked in that nutty brain of hers and she doesn’t feel the need to go zooming for other people’s bags any more. The next step is to test her in new locations with new distractions. And then after that? Perhaps a real live trial will be within our reach.

It’s hard to guess. I may be saying something different tomorrow. But today, Shiva is my Wonder Dog.

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekends!

29 thoughts on “Gold Star!

  1. Perfect! Tanner and Oliver approve. They think they are wonder dogs too.

    Speaking of wonder dogs, will Shiva be participating in the #Super Dog Sunday Blog Hop? Sure do hope so!


  2. I love that tag!

    My dogs have always had both tags and microchips (one additionally had a tattoo) but most of them have been very hard on tags (banging them into or catching them on stuff) so I have hesitated to get them custom tags.


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  4. First, congrats on Shiva coming in to her own. That is fantastic!
    Second, Love the tag! Will the inscribe her name on it too? I think it’s awesome. I’m just wondering if I need to get one for Daisy now. Hmm….


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