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One of the best things – perhaps the only good thing – about minus thirty-three windchill is never worrying about running into other dogs while walking off leash in the forest. Unfortunately, it is so cold my dog’s whiskers formed icicles. There is probably a good reason we were the only ones out there this morning. I think my neighbours must know something I don’t.

While I attempt to thaw out my brain, which I confess would still be half-asleep if it wasn’t for the frigid wake up, I am going to share some of my favourite posts of the last week. Trust me. They are far better than anything I am capable of writing this morning.

Let’s start with something funny and heart-warming. A.G. Out Loud shared a hilariously cute dog adoption commercial. I’ve watched it six or seven times and it still gives me fuzzy feelings.

Mighty Girl told the world how she would choose to spend the ten extra bucks in her pocket. It’s an awesome idea for a list. I think we all could come up with a great use for spare cash.

There is also some hope for animals in Europe, as reported by Kenzo the Hovawart, in “Europe No-Kill by 2016”. If Europe is successful at implementing such legislation for so many countries, it is a definite possibility for other parts of the world as well. What a fantastic goal!

Karen over at Doggie Stylish was kind enough to share her secrets for getting more traffic to her blog. Apparently I need to suck it up and get a Facebook page if I ever want to score me some free dog toys. *sigh* Maybe tomorrow.

And here is a fun post from Will My Dog Hate Me. Can you “Name That Breed”?

This one is a whole blog I recently discovered after watching the news. Vancouverite Darren Barefoot has vowed to only use Canadian products and invest only in Canadian companies for a whole year. He started the blog One Year, One Canadian to record his progress. It is a lot harder than it sounds and already he has had to make justifications when it comes to his electronic purchases. An interesting venture, to be sure.

One can read an insightful interview with Debbie Jacobs from Fearfuldogs’ Blog on No Dog About It. Both blogs are excellent and contain a lot of information on working with fearful dogs. I wish I had known posts like this from Ms. Jacobs existed two years ago.

Naturally, no link list is complete without observations from Brené Brown, one of my online heroes. Her post on “Contributions, Criticisms, and Courage” urges us to think before we speak, and contribute before we criticize.

I doubt anyone hasn’t seen Kim Clune’s first video to Help Joey. But have you seen the outtakes? Guaranteed to make you smile, even on a day where it is so cold you are typing wearing mittens.

Since I am not sure how to end this post but I need to get up and move around before my feet completely freeze, here is a sign I have thought of submitting to the “Blog” of “Unnecessary “Quotation Marks. It is posted on a neighbour’s back fence and makes me shake my head every time I see it.

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  1. Thanks so much for your kind words regarding my Fearful Dogs Blog. I originally created my other site fearfuldogs.com, because it was was what I wish I had access to when my extremely fearful hoarder/Katrina rescue came to live with me 5 years ago.

    You are far heartier than I! -33 and you’re out with your dogs, good on ya! It’s only -15 here and it hurts to hold the metal door handles. The dogs however do not seem to understand that I’m not tossing frisbees til it warms up.


    • I tried anyway. I admit our evening walk was not as long as it should have been. I wimped out at the twenty minute mark. Shiva will just have to deal with some indoor games to fill her exercise quotient.

      And don’t thank me. Thank YOU for writing all of that. It’s hard to believe now I used to think I was alone in my struggles, that I had the worst, most fearful dog in the world.


  2. Thanks for the shout out — and for the link to the fun dog adoption video. I’m going to include it in my “Pet Adoption Videos That Don’t Make Me Want to Kill Myself” series!


  3. Great post! What a great list of blog posts! One of my favorite things, as a new blogger, is going through the blog-rolls of other bloggers, and finding other blogs to read–so thanks for the list!

    We had a windchill of -5F (about -20C i think) when i woke up… I opened the door to let Rio out for a quick potty break, he took two steps out the door and came running back in until I put his coat on LOL… lucky that he doesn’t like the UBER cold weather. Shayne would be out regardless of temperature… so i’m happy to have an excuse to stay in (thanks Rio!)


    • I wish Shiva hated the cold as much as she hates the rain. It would make the guilt I have for not walking her as long much easier to bear.


  4. Funny…I have that same commercial coming up on my blog. Isn’t it awesome. I enjoyed watching it again.

    Me and my Florida pack are wondering how you go walking in those frigid temperatures. Oliver shivers when it hits 45 degrees here. Granted, Tanner loves the cold, but he does shiver when he swims in it. Silly dog!


  5. Thanks for all the links! I’ve been very lazy lately, partly because of the endless housework, teaching and random shopping because of the coming of Chinese New Year, but it is also partly because I was just being lazy because I didn’t feel like doing anything. I didn’t read much last week either, shame on me.
    Now, I’m going to read some of the links you gave right away and hope I can read most of them before I go to bed. It’s going to be the Cinderella time soon!!!


    • Lazy doesn’t really describe that, more like real life! That is my biggest struggle. Balancing my real life obligations with my online ones.

      I hope you enjoy the celebrations!


  6. We must have been thinking the same 🙂 I am writing on a post on how to avoid dogs on walks.

    Isn’t it ashame for all those dogs that stay home because of the weather? We go out at least once a day, whatever the weather!

    Thanks for the mention, I discovered some new great blogs in you recommendations too, thanks!


  7. Thanks for the links list. I have used Fearful Dogs several times with rescues who come to Silverwalk – with good results, I might add. Did not know about the Joey ads – OMG. I am bothered by the EU plan ONLY because of the apparent decrease of companion animals :(. They do so much to enrich our lives – why do they decrease when we go No-Kill?


    • That’s a very good point. I will have to look into this more. No-kill is a very controversial topic and while I think it is ideal, I am not sure it works in the current society. Thanks for pushing me to think about this in a more critical way.


  8. YOU WON SHIVA! Well, okay, technically your Mom won, but we’re pretty sure she’s gonna share her winnings with YOU! Check out our blog today! PeeS – we’ve got HER choice as cinnamon spice, BUT we wanna make sure that’s YOUR choice, too. So, email us and confirm your favorite flavor AND send us your address so we can mail ’em to ya! Congrats!

    PeePeeS – That’s Waaay too cold!

    The Road Dogs


    • I’ve wondered. Until now she has been able to handle it all. Her coat is a lot thicker than it looks and she radiates heat. But if it continues like this, or gets colder, I may consider a coat for her. If only for my own peace of mind.


  9. Thank you for that list! My mom and me are gonna check some of those things out.

    Do you think that sign really means that “some” dogs are allowed? Heehee!

    Oh, and my mom LUVS Debbie Jacobs and her blog AND the ShyK9s yahoo group. She says that she doesn’t know what she woulda done without her when I first got adopted.

    Wiggles & Wags,


  10. Okay, I dunno WHY I thought that sign was about no dogs being allowed. Yeesh! I’m gonna blame my mom. I don’t know why. But it seems like the best thing to do in this pawticular situation.

    Wiggles & Wags,


  11. Wow! Thanks for the shoutout! I agree. I wish I had found Debbie after I got Daisy, but her blog came out after I had already worked with her for a while. She has helped me a lot since though!

    BTW – I LOVE Brene Brown! She’s friends with the radio guy I listen to here so I get to hear her about once every month or so. I’ll be checking out that video!


    • Me too! Brené Brown is an inspiration. I’ve watched her talks online and I always feel so much better about things afterwards.

      I am so glad Daisy is doing so much better. What a wonderful thing that is, eh?


  12. You definitely have another interesting list! More stuff I’ll have to check out, I’m sure. Having a Facebook page isn’t as tough as you’d think!

    I guess you’re supposed to just say no? lol


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