Tuesday Time-out

There are benefits to the extreme cold. Yeah, I wouldn’t believe me either. But there are!

For one thing, when it is really, really, really cold, the lake in our backyard freezes over.

And that means Shivas get to go skating!

This Shiva wasn’t so sure at first. The whole “walking on water” thing is just a little too mind-blowing for her puppy brain.

But she got into it after some cookie encouragement.

She even relaxed enough to greet a friend who ran out of his yard to say “hello”. At least, that is what I am pretending he was saying.

The happy expression on her face was enough to make me wish I still had my skates. What kind of Canadian am I, anyway?

The smartΒ kind who sees crystals like these on her window and hides underΒ her bed.

ETA: I put together a little video of my practically husband and Shiva skating together. It is the first video I am actually kinda proud of, but take that as you will. It’s all relative, no doubt. Anyway, it is super-short. Hope you enjoy!

38 thoughts on “Tuesday Time-out

  1. What great storytelling with pictures. Loved it!

    Much of the water around us is either running or too massive to freeze entirely so I’m kinda fearful about walking on ice, even when it’s -10 F out.

    That said, Honey is great at finding the ice on the sidewalks. If I see her slip and slide I know I need to be more careful.


    • To be sure. Even our tiny lake wasn’t safe until this last weekend. We’re usually out on it much sooner.

      Heh, Honey slides so you don’t have to!


    • When this came up new on my feed reader, I stopped back and was thrilled to find your beautiful video. This is definitely a keeper.

      BTW, is there some significance to choosing Handel’s Hail the Conquering Hero as your music?

      I had to laugh because that was the music I chose for my (now) husband to enter the church to when we got married. Only the music majors got the joke.

      So is Shiva or your PH the conquering hero?


    • Thanks! It was a fun day. I can skate, technically, but it has been a long, long time. I probably would have spent most of the time on my ass. πŸ˜›


    • Not sure, she’s a natural? Shiva is a born athlete so her balance is pretty awesome. She did slide a little, though, especially when turning. But amazingly enough she never once wiped out.

      Poor Georgia…


  2. Lucky you and Shiva that you have a lake which can turn into ice skating ring. Shiva looks she had a wonderful time doing skating and she did so well! She’s a natural!!!


  3. the video is beautiful, and so is watching shiva skate!

    have i mentioned how jealous i am of your lake / skating rink?

    follow our foster: loveandaleash.wordpress.com


    • We couldn’t believe it when we first found this place either. No matter where I move in the future I am sure we will miss it.


  4. We had a water feature (essentially like a big koi pond–minus the fish) in a park where i used to live. During winter it would freeze and shayne and i would get get so “skate” around … she was REALLY not sure the first time … she was not keen on walking on water either… not even a little bit. Shiva looks like she had a blast!


  5. On the video you can really see how much she enjoys it, see that tail wagging! You are so lucky still having so much winter. They say it comes back to Denmark at the end of the week. Looking forward to it!


    • You are one of the few people I have ever seen actually saw they are looking forward to more winter! But I hope you get all the cold and snow you could ever desire. πŸ˜‰


  6. How cool! Shiva really is a natural, and no fear! I tried to get Charlie onto a frozen lake once – no go for us. You should definitely get some skates and get out there with them, it looks like a LOT of fun!


  7. I do not like lakes since they have so much regular water in them. But FROZEN water lakes I might like! I’ve never gotten to go skating before. I bet it’s lots of fun.

    Wiggles & Wags,


  8. OK. First, LOVE the top photo of Shiva. She is a beauty!
    Second, great video. Shiva is a natural on the ice! So when will we see YOU on those skates? I’m from MN – it’s a law here too.


  9. I luv the video!!!!!!!!! Oh what fun! Skating on a frozen lake! Yipeeeee! Shiva is quite good at it! πŸ˜€ Thanks for sharing πŸ˜€

    Waggin at ya,


  10. She looks so happy! Love the whole series. Those ice crystals would drive me back to bed for sure! Methinks you guys need a SoCal vacation – it’s been in the 70s for the last two weeks. πŸ™‚


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