Nothing More Badass Than a Cat

I am thinking more seriously about adopting a second cat. Am I crazy? Probably. I am trying to decide if my reasons for wanting another pet are actually legitimate. Part of me just really wants to do something to help the over-population problem. Guilt plays no small role. I have this home, with some extra space, and so many animals don’t. Since I can’t bring a new dog into the house – not yet – then perhaps a cat will ease my conscience. It is a ridiculous thought, I am aware. No matter how many animals I own I am going to feel like a selfish jerk. And I certainly do not intend on heading down that particular slippery slope. It would help no one.

Regardless, the fact is cats are being killed in massive numbers every year. According to The Canadian Federation of Humane Societies out of over 84,000 cats admitted in 2008, over 45,000 were killed. 45,000. And those are only the ones killed in shelters. It certainly doesn’t include the multitudes living on the streets. The Halifax Regional Municipality’s Animal Services Division did the math. For every un-spayed female cat, having roughly two litters a year with an average of three surviving kittens per litter can add up to 11,606,077 cats in 9 years. It is a hard number to conceptualize. That is a lot of cats, many potentially without places to live.

2011 has been declared Year of the Cat by many Canadian cat care networks, including the CFHS. They are dedicating this year to educating governments, welfare organizations, and individuals on what they can do to improve the lives of the millions of cats in this country. There is a lot a person like me can do to help. Adoption is naturally at the top of the list. While it isn’t the only thing I can do or even the only thing I want to do, it is the most substantial. The most tactile.

There is another reason, though. I am also looking for a new challenge. This is where the crazy comes in. Shiva is probably challenge enough for five people.


I have never raised or trained a cat before. It might be kind of fun. Though, my friend always laughs at me when I talk about cat training, as if there is no such thing. People train cats, don’t they? I’ve seen them do all sorts of tricks on Animal Planet so it must be true. I will have to teach him or her to stay off the counters and where to find the litter box. I have to teach him or her how to avoid the dog.

Oh, right. The dog. That does complicate matters. Shiva can be very pushy. Obviously we are going to need a cat that is either young enough to not be afraid or savvy enough to stand up for himself. Like The Cat is.

Oh, right. The Cat. No worries there! He gets along great with other cats that get along with him. We’ve even seen him holding court in the backyard. He even let a stray wander into our house and sleep on our bed last summer. As long as the new cat respects the fact that The Cat is king over this realm, all should be fine.

Nothing to worry about, right? All I have to do now is pick one out.

There is Sweetie. I’ve always loved the look of black cats and she seems to suit her name perfectly.

Handsome also matches his name. He is younger, which may be a good thing. And they say he likes other cats. I could see him being a swell guy to hang out with.

Tinker has already made me laugh. Her orange fur would fit right in.

But I think Mona has stolen my heart by her photo alone. She looks like she’d enjoy a good snuggle on a cold day.

So why am I hesitating?

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  1. I think as long as you have seriously thought about all the pros and cons the decision is yours.

    Just going on looks I like Mona and Handsome, but it’s probably a case of which one picks you.


  2. Hehe. Training a cat. That’s why I chose a bunny instead. Hehe. Get a fat cat. They’re more likely to want to work for food. Oh the things I can get Tigress to do for a crumb during meal time . . . . But of course it needs to be a crumb of previously accepted food. Otherwise, no luck.

    I know what you mean about the guilt. I’ve got two dogs, a cat, and a rabbit in a freakin’ studio apartment and I’ve actually been thinking whether or not another cat might fit. Yeah, don’t listen to me. 😉


  3. Aww I vote for Sweetie, but that’s just because she looks like my Fern. Well Fern is a bit more robust (apartment living). Cats are great fun. This is coming from a Crazy Cat Lady though. They are ever present, but need less attention than dogs. Sorta like moving furniture. Ha!


  4. get a one-eyed cat or a three-legged cat. i’ve always wanted one of those. our dogs think of cats as snacks rather than as copilots, so unfortunately neither a one-eyed nor a three-legged cat are in our future.

    follow our foster:


    • Shiva is very prey-driven. Well, she is everything driven. But she seems to be more interested in sniffing and playing with cats than she is in eating them. Our cat has never struggled at putting her in her place regardless. Now they even hang out.


  5. Training a cat? hehehehe.. i never have a cat.. but i do have a few strays that come by each evening to have a meal.. they go on their merry way after that.


  6. Aww, they are all beautiful! I have to vote for Sweetie because she looks like my Finn. Plus, it’s so hard for black cats to get adopted. But ultimately, if you are committed to adopting, you should just go down there and see which cat speaks to you. I’m a big believer in chemistry when it comes to these things, just like with any relationship. Who’s to say why we are attracted to the people we are, or how out of all the people in the world, we become friends with the people we do? Certainly some of it’s geography/proximity, and sure, you can try to analyze it, but at the end of the day out of X number of possibilities, how do we end up with the people (and animals) that we do? Chemistry! Or so I believe.


  7. They are gorgeous, and whoever comes to live with you will be a lucky cat 🙂 If you want a CWA (cat with attitude) a tortoiseshell is your man, or rather woman. Haughty, they give boisterous dogs short shrift but secretly love the attention from the canine sector. Ours is 16. Been with us through thick and thin, and Macaulay. What more can one ask?


  8. I have a rescue friend who trains cats for commercials. She does animal photography for Purina and other brands so you may have seen some of her cats and dogs on pet food bags. At least one cat can flush the toilet…you need to be careful where you let her go :). Follow your heart but keep your head – you don’t want to end up with 19 animals like me, even though 13 are adoptable….


  9. I vote yes to a second cat, and yes to Handsome in particular (perhaps with a name change). I am always partial to adopting black cats (and have one myself) because black cats (like black dogs) are often the last to be adopted, for very ridiculous reasons.

    I went through this debate last fall and am glad we opted for the second cat (“Kitten”). She keeps the Other Cat company and they have developed quite the hilarious buddy system – but also we got her young enough so she likes dogs, and is pals with ours and many of the ones we dog-sit for friends. Her penchant for unrolling toilet paper is a downside, however.


  10. Shocking statistics. I think cats are the hardest to place here as well, so a cat lover friend tells me. Is guilt a good reason to get one though?:p

    If you do end up getting one, whichever it is, we all know it’s going to be a lucky (and well educated) cat.


    • This is my struggle. Are my motivations pure? I don’t know.

      Thanks! I hope you are right. Maybe I should get a cat training book. Do they write those?


    • Yeah, Shiva’s been there, unfortunately. One side of her nose was pink for quite awhile. But she learned to back off and the cat learned he didn’t have to be so mean. A simple raised paw is enough now.



  11. I ALWAYS want another cat, but I’m trying to hold off out of respect for the seniors I currently have. And yes, you can absolutely train a cat. The clicker method works quite well.

    You’re on your own for picking one out, though. I can find something to love about them all.


  12. Oh, I don’t know how you are going to decide! They all look so great! I have to refrain from ever going to because I will immediately feel the need to adopt all the animals. You are a brave, brave woman.

    I can’t wait to hear what happens! Talk about suspense… 🙂


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  14. Well, since we have five cats you already know how we feel : )
    Just going by the photo I am drawn to Handsome for a boy and Tinker for a girl. But with an existing male cat I would consider a female kitten as well.


  15. I agree, it sounds like you’re not hesitating at all 😉 I think Tinker is absolutely gorgeous…I love that orange fur. I know how you feel about wanting to rescue them all. Every night before I go to bed I think of all the poor animals left out in the cold 😦


  16. Thanks for visiting my blog recently and your lovely comment!

    How exciting that you might be adding a new kitty to your family soon. My humans says she wishes more people would think about things as much as you do! It’s great that you’re giving the whole decision so much thought.

    I think all kitties are boss and unless you got a very scaredy one, it would soon put Shiva in her place! 🙂 My 4kg kitty sister, Lemon, always bossed 70kg me around no problem!

    Honey the Great Dane


    • Thanks for your comment! Your blog is awesome. I could watch your dancing videos over and over again. I’ve never seen a Great Dane with as much grace. 🙂

      I hope you are right. Thanks for the vote of confidence!


    • The PH has left it in my hands. He loves cats, more than I do, and would be happy if I came home with ten. 😛

      If the cat is anything like our other animals, I am thinking the learning will all be on my side. Isn’t that the way it is supposed to be?


  17. My mom always wishes she had known more about training a long time ago cuz my Brudder Cap’n Ripley would be an Most Excellent candidate for kitteh-training cuz he’s REAL food motivated. Even more than ME! That’s prolly something you want to check out before you decide on a kitteh (IF you get one). Cuz my sisfur Abby doesn’t like anything but dry kitteh food and she’s not even real crazy abouts that.

    We all luvs kittehs in our house (well, not so much Brudder Ranger) so we’d luv for you to get one!

    Wiggles & wags,


  18. I think if you’re really serious about it, go and meet them. I’ve often thought I liked an animal based on a photo and description, but I’ve always ended up with a different one than the one I thought I wanted. Chemistry counts for a lot!


  19. Tinker!! Tinker! I love a black cat but Tinker has the right vibe. Litter box training = ten seconds. Off the counters = “Shoo” (should work the first time 🙂 Scratching the furniture? a spray bottle of water will go a long way but you may never need it. Cats are painless not to mention wonderful fun. Good luck!


  20. Go on over and see who you like the best. You can’t change the world, but you can be the world to one of them. 🙂

    I think that when I have my own house, I’ll have 2 or 3 cats. You’re right – they’re so easy to live with that I just kind of feel like I need to let a few live in my home. They’re such neat little creatures.


  21. I think Shiva needs someone to chase around!! 🙂 I would be cautious about getting a cat out of guilt. If you aren’t sure then wait. The numbers are overwhelming, but if you aren’t ready, you aren’t ready. No need to be a stressed out pet owner because of numbers.

    We’ve all been there before. Unfortunely we can’t save them all.


    • I can’t believe I didn’t click the link sooner. The ears are slightly too big but Kimmy and Shiva could be siblings. How cute! Do you think they will ship her from Texas?


  22. I think you should do it… If not for Alex’s old age, and my asthma, my dream would be to have several cats and dogs… Whenever I see a poor pet, who doesn’t have a home, all I want to do is take it home and love it to pieces….


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